November 20, 2007

Any reading helps with school.

I read all sort of subjects. I focus occasionally but often am just borrowing books that seem interesting. I am on a life long library journey. I don't live in the USA but would love to own the new Amazon Kindle book reader. Books are my life in a way. I read about sex crime law changes in the UK this weekend and last week and this morning. I also read more about social networks. I also went back to reading about computer culture. I have been continuing the focus on work related readings. I read some of work place guide on doing our work. I won't say more than that. I have a work place test this week on Wednesday. Right after that I have class. We are starting a new topic. We spent the last three weeks on one topic. I have some homework on this topic now and the previous topic. I am still scoring A in my course. I am also working with other students at work. Yes, school is quite the journey and adventure. I began to fix up my school blog a bit. I have goals right now, today. I want to read a third chapter in the sex offences book which I did just get done about two hours ago. I also want to read four chapters 2's in other books I have started. I also have some paper work to do overnight for money issues. And I have some paper work to do related to volunteering. I have about four hours to do all this before work today. Then I will work 8 hours and come home and sleep having been up some 33 hours.

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