November 26, 2007

I slept at noon yesterday and woke up at midnight.

I had been up from about 11:00 AM Saturday and woke up a little earlier than I should have being that I was still tired. But I had to be on time for my school meeting with other students on Saturday. I did not have anything to do outside the house on Sunday so I decided to sleep in the day and stay up late all night Saturday. I ended up completing my homework for the this week yesterday and am now proof reading it. I slept at noon Sunday

I have been up since midnight reading statistics books and studies my boss has done. I am ready and rested well for a full day of work today. I shaved yesterday so just need a little trim today. I also have clean clothes for a few days.

I will try very hard to go in an hour early the earliest I am able to get access to our building. I will work an extra half hour before work and spend about half an hour working on job applications at work. I did just complete some updating of my job applications on the government web site for job applications.

I will work some extra hours this week as I earn some time for a day off next week. I want this day off to attend a government conference. My boss is ok with this as we need to do more work now rather than later. It will be a busy few weeks coming up then more relaxed as we go into the holidays. I have three days off for Christmas.

My school exam is in the middle of December and I took two days of holidays to study for that and write it. I need to register for next term at school and must decide from two courses as to which I will study. I have after this term two courses left to complete. So I am doing ok with graduate school with three courses now almost done and two to still do. Then begins the second phase of studies for my masters of sciences which is to write a thesis and also take one optional course. But that second phase will not start until 2009.

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