December 01, 2007

I bought quite a few DVD's this evening.

I won't mention the titles of the movies I bought this evening because I don't want to promote anything or do product placement or adds here. I started to watch one movie that is sci-fi. I am about half an hour through the movie right now and it is on pause. My partner is sleeping now. She also watched some movies today.

I am about half way through my nightly telephone banking now. I bought the movies on credit. I also took some expensive 5.1 stereo speakers back to the store unopened. I was thinking of them for my niece but this would be a bad move financially. I also do not have the money for the receiver that would be needed.

So I bought movies today for myself and my wife. I plan to watch the one sci-fi movie over night and then one political fiction movie and then may be a comedy movie. I do not usually watch films so watching three in a row may not happen. My next move is to take some vitamins and read some work related books and some computer studies. I have been reading a fair amount today already while I was on the buses.

I know too much about consumer electronics now. I do not need more electronics these days.

I in fact have four computers, two that can run Windows XP, one that runs Windows 2000. Then I have on the same computers, Mac OS X 10.5 and Mac OS X 10.4 and these machines also run the windows. Then there is also Debian 4.0 Linux and Windows on a third computer. On the fourth computer it only runs Solaris and I think it has Solaris 10 but I am not sure of that because I very new to Solaris. This fourth computer is not designed for the home and is, in fact, an engineering workstation with non PC hardware and is ten years old.

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