December 11, 2007

I should be studying this evening.

I need to start studying now. I was able to finally get our cat to the vet today. She is healthy and well. She had her booster shots. The vet cut her claws for us and I watched and I think I can do this claw cutting now.

I am going to help H with her computer soon and she is out of her blues now. I sold her a computer and offer her free lessons. Speaking of consumers I met a consumer survivor from the Ukraine at the dinner. I also know a consumer who is going to Africa. One of my coworkers had to return to Africa to visit his ailing mom. I won't give more details than that as I respect these person's rights to their privacy. I was being difficult trying to advise one consumer at the dinner on school and scholarships. I said I was sorry. I am just trying to show that some of us live regular lives and stuff.

Speaking of life we had some money help from our parents to get our holidays started a bit better. We still have no tree but soon will I hope. I am hoping to get a new cell phone but had such a bad time today talking to company representatives in the retail store. I guess retail workers think we are the ones who are jerks or stupid but really this guy was so judgmental and rude. I thought the customer was always right not someone to treat like an idiot? None of the clerks at the department store were jerks and they put up with us. They were actually quite helpful even if young and not that experienced although truth be told it was the elder workers there who really were the most helpful with their accumulated knowledge of the store.

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