MONTREAL, June 20 /CNW/ - Algene Biotechnologies Corporation (Algene) has
recently listed its Class B shares on the Montreal Exchange (May 8, 1996
under the ticker symbol AGN.B). Algene is committed to changing genomic
discoveries into novel diagnostic and therapeutic products. Of an initial
capital investment of 25 M.CAN$ (1986-1995), 20 M CAN$ were provided by the
Societe d'investissement Algene R & D Inc. and supported by Canada/Quebec R
& D fiscal incentives. Algene works in collaboration with Centre
hospitalier Cote-des-Neiges, a geriatric center affiliated to the
University of Montreal. Algene is currently extending its gene discovery
programs to various complex disorders, and more specifically to selective
case selection and gene mapping of sporadic cases screened from founder
So far, Algene's research undertakings had mainly concentrated on
late-onset sporadic Alzheimer disease studies. In the fall of 1995, it has
also signed an important collaborative research agreement with Janssen
Pharmaceutica, N.V., of Beerse (Belgium), a wholly owned subsidiary of
Johnson & Johnson, to work on the genetics of schizophrenia. The
collaboration is built on Algene's mapping expertise which is based on a
systematic application of identity-by-descent and linkage disequilibrium
(IBD/LD) concepts to the study of the genetics of complex disorders in
founder populations.
"We believe that the genetic dissection of complex traits requires
specific experimental conditions," said Mr Denis Gauvreau, Ph.D., President
of Algene. "We are now looking forward to expanding our R & D thrust to a
selection of other complex disorders. Case selection procedures have
already been initiated on Parkinson's and we are now prepared for a variety
of other disorders, also for gene mapping studies by IBD/LD methods".
The listing of Algene on the Montreal Exchange represents an important
step in its corporate development plan as it concretely provides the means
for creative financing formulas for the establishment of fruitful R & D
/For further information: Mr Henri Harland, Vice-President, Business
Development, (514) 340-3539, E-mail : Henri(at)