How to Live With a Mentally Ill Person : A Handbook of Day-To-Day Strategies

by Christine Adamec

List: $14.95
Published by John Wiley & Sons
Publication date: May 1, 1996
ISBN: 0471114197


Christine Adamec (Florida AMI) has written a really terrific book called,
"HOW TO LIVE WITH A MENTALLY ILL PERSON". It is a handbook of day to day
strategies to cope with someone in your family who has an NBD. What
Christine did was to talk to leading AMI members around the country, plus
leading doctors, and collected all the practical, useful tips they had into
one well written paperback. It allows readers to capitalize on what other
families have learned. And unlike other books, it reflects reality and does
not paint an overly rosey picture of health care providers.

"How to Live with a Mentally Ill person" does not go into the biochemical
basis of the disorders or describe the symptoms in details. She realizes
that terrific books by Fuller Torrey and Richard Keefe have covered that
ground. Instead, she starts from assuming your member has the symptoms and
then lays out practical tips on how to deal with them and how to deal with
the effect NBD has on the rest of the family and your own psyche..

The book is published by John Wiley and sons. My understanding is that it is
in the 'psychology' section of bookstores. It really is a good practical
book for families, especially those new to AMI.