Interesting Web Sites with Schizophrenia-related Information


The Alliance for the Mentally Ill/Friends and Advocates of the Mentally Ill is now on the web (actually on the same web server hosting this site) and is full of valuable information posted by DJ Jaffe and others. I highly recommend a visit to this site.

Orthomolecular Information

University of Iowa Clinical Psychopharmacology Seminar

An article about megavitamin therapy to treat psychosis is available from
the University of Iowa Clinical Psychopharmacology Seminar (1994-1995):

The article discusses the evidence for and against megavitamin therapy.
The bottom line is that caution is in order. There is no magic bullet
here. The last paragraph of the lecture states:

The exaggerated claims by Hoffer and his associates about the
orthomolecular approach are indeed disturbing to fellow
psychiatrists and scientists as they are misleading to the
general public. At present, the evidence supporting the
efficacy of NA and NAM as an adjunct in treating acute
schizophrenia is slight and not convincing. Even if the vitamin
does have an effect, such an effect appears to be small as
compared with the more specific antipsychotic drugs.

Other information can be gained by going to a higher level on this University of Iowa Web server:

The Virtual Hospital

New Medical Web Site:

This web site has a little information on Schizophrenia - approx. 7 or 8 pages of information total accessed by using the "search" feature and typing in "schizophrenia". You can use my ID and password for access or you can use your own name, etc. and register.

My ID is: cheeko
My password: is cheeko1

Feel free to check it out:

Medscape ( is a free medical
web site designed for clinicians and interested consumers.

Medscape features:

-70,000+ Registered Users
-Free Medline Searching
-original material plus thousands of full-text, peer reviewed clinical
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