Changes in disabled people's rights

(I think this comes to us from Australia - Brian.)

Employers were today issued with a checklist to help them comply with far-reaching changes in disabled people's rights.
The code has been draw up by a leading charity just weeks before the first provisions in the Disability Discrimination Act come into force.
Radar, the Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation, says the checklist will help company managers, restaurants, shops and cinemas prepare for the change in the law.
The charity says that from December 2 it will be illegal to:
:: Turn a wheelchair user away from a cinema if the manager cannot prove the individual poses a health risk
:: Refuse to serve a deaf person in a pub
:: Insist a person with cerebral palsy sits out of sight of other diners
:: Dismiss a person because they are diabetic
:: Reject promotion for somebody on the basis of their history of mental illness
:: Refuse to let accommodation to a person with a learning difficulty.
Radar director Bert Massie said: "Employers and service providers should not assume this is the last word on outlawing discrimination against disabled people.
"Pressure will grow for more legislation to strengthen this Act."

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