From: Toril Myrtveit:

Topic: Seminar on 'Food and Behavior'

As some of you have noticed, we are going to hold a seminar in Oslo, Norway,
Nov. 30th. I guess it is too far off (geographically) for most of you, but if
anyone wants to attend, mail me at "" or call me
+47- for further info.
We do not plan to sell videos, but we hope to make transcripts of the talks.

Below is an english merged version of the press release/program.

Invitation to a one-day seminar on Food and Behavior

Protein-Intoleranse Foreningen (PIF) will arrange a one-day seminar on the
possible relationship between deviant behavior and diet, in Oslo, Norway on
Saturday November 30th.

The seminar will focus on a pioneering field in psychiatric research which
may lead to great advances on the prevention and treatment of various mental
diseases like autism, Rett syndrome, schizophrenia, hyperkinesia and depression.

In patients with these diseases, one has found evidence for defects or lack
of certain enzymes. These enzymes are necessary for breaking down food
proteins. This enzyme defect thus causes peptides -the break-down product of
proteins- to accumulate in the body, which in turn interferes with the fine
biochemical balance of the brains. Some peptides are opioide in nature;
meaning they act in a way which resembles opium (morphine). There are
several peptides that are formed from food proteins, and they all have
slightly different effect on the organism. In the short run, these peptides
may cause hallusinations, delusions, social isolation, depression or
anxiety, depending on which peptides that are accumulating in the body. If
the concentrations of these peptides are high over a long period of time,
the brain damage may become permanent.

A similar aetiology is know in PKU. PKU is due to an enzyme defect where a
lifelong diet is essential. Children with PKU will acquire permanent brain
damage and become severly retarded on a normal diet, but grow up perfectly
normal when on a special diet.

We think a possible prevention of diseases like autism and schizophrenia may
be to identify enzyme defects in small children, and place them on a diet
free for wheat proteins (gluten) and/or milk proteins (casein).

Seminar Program

0930-1000 Registration
1000-1015 Opening by Toril Myrtveit
1015-1105 Prof.Dr Robert Cade, Univ Florida:
Analysis of peptides in urine and results of diet and dialysis in schizophrenia
1105-1300 Sr. Lect. Paul Shattock, Univ Sunderland:
Peptide analysis and experiences with diet intervention in autistic individuals
1300-1400 Lunch
1400-1450 Spes.Ped. Ann-Mari Knivsberg, Senter for Leseforskning, Stavanger:
4 year follow-up study of children with autistic syndromes living on a gluten and casein-free diet.
1450-1540 Prof.Dr. Joseph Egger, Univ Munchen:
Diet investigations and hyposensibilization of hyperkinetic children

Plenum Discussion. Seminar participants are given the opportunity to comment, discuss and ask questions to the lecturers.

All lectures will be given in English.

Registration fee: NOK 300 which includes lunch

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