Psychiatrists prevented from treating in Florida

The Following is from Christine Adamec, Author of How to live with a mentally
ill person (just released)

Also wanted to let you know new quirk in Medicaid managed care here in
Florida. Psychiatrists are not reimbursed for anything but office visits now.
Thus, if they want to order blood tests, x-rays, electrocardiograms, etc.,
they are essentially blocked out. Instead, they have to call the primary care
doctor and convince him/her to order the tests and forward the results. This
makes the psychiatrists feel very disenpowered. My daughter's doctor is livid
about this. The other docs ARE cooperating and ordering the tests the
psychiatrists need, but it's just a lot of extra work for which they don't
get paid, plus it makes them angry because they are, after all, medical
doctors and in many cases it is they who are providing most of the care for
the patient. My daughter has NEVER seen her primary doc---she's never needed
to. Seen the psychiatrist plenty of times.

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