PACT-Lite Treatment Pilot Begins in Huron SD

A version of the Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) which have proven successful in various parts of the United States since inception of this idea in Madison, Wisconsin, under Dr. Leonard Stein, is being used at Community Counseling Services in Huron.

South Dakota already has two more traditional PACT programs serving people who have not been able to manage community living successfully in the past.

The PACT-Lite program is intended to serve people who are currently living in the community and receiving services at community mental health centers or who will come back to their community following hospitalization.

SDAMI (South Dakota Alliance for the Mentally Ill) recommended that services, which are known to effectively support people with brain disorders in their communities be adapted. Essential components of such services are: 24 hour access to staff emergencies; crisis facilities for relapses; staff assistance with medication compliance when needed; transportation when needed; assistance in finding appropriate and safe living arrangements; vocational and pre-vocational opportunities; and other items.

From SDAMI July/Aug. 1996

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