A.P.A. Board Asked to Endorse Single Payer System

Excerpted from Psychiatric News, vol. xxxi, #12; 6-21-96

An action paper to support a single-payer system of national health insurance was referred to the A.P.A. Board of Trustees for consideration.

Submitted by Pauline L. Kuyler, MD, of the Queens County District Branch, the proposal recommends that A.P.A. support-in-principle the development of a universal comprehensive system of health care reform in which all residents of the United States are insured by a single payer.

Industrial countries, other than the United States, devote fewer resources to health care, have comparable levels of health indices, and provide health care that is more acceptable to the public, according to the paper submitted by Kuyler. Current efforts at health reform attempt to reduce costs by shifting expenses and giving providers incentives to deny services. A single system can reduce costs through administrative savings and allow for further steps to be taken to achieve other goals.

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