Stigmatizing Ads

From DJ Jaffe: I received the following message which gives the number to call. I hope eveyone will use the number and call MAACO and criticize the commercial. dj ---------------------------

Hi: I would like to call all your attention to the insensitive and cruel commercial that is being aired on national TV many times weekly by MAACO a national auto body car painting company. It is painful to see that they are using the theme of mental illness to boost sales. The commerical is extremely visual. They have managed to incorporate men in straightjackets shuffling along looking "crazy" because MAACO's low prices, or something like that, is enough to get one "crazy". I even had a glimpse of an open ambulance in the background. ......Please help me stop this company from using mental illness as a comic theme to boost sales. Letters and phone calls are relatively inexpensive and are very effective anti-stigma tools. I called information and got the following information: The CEO of Maaco is Anthony Martino and he can be reached at (610) 265-6606. This is the number you should use. If everyone who reads the makes one call, I am sure he will pull the ads. Please call now. I did. Thank you. Please contact me at if you have been able to reach corporate and of their reaction to the call. Thank you all for your support. Sincerely, Regina

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