Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - Schizophrenia Gene Research Available for all to review.

The recent research outlined below was announced as part of The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday, January 20th. At long last this information in its entirety is available on the World Wide Web - I hope that all institutions doing research in Schizophrenia will quickly follow this lead (and keep access cost at a minimum, if not free). This journal will be free until Dec 31, 1997. By getting solid research available on the Web for all to read I believe we can all more rapidly learn and advance the treatment of this disease. - Brian.

The full research is available at the following web pages (you'll have to fill out a short questionnaire - five six questions I believe):

You can read the full text of the article on-line at

You can get a *very* nice reprint of the article in Adobe PDF format at

The abstract is also available at

Schizophrenia Gene Research

Scientists say they have identified a gene that appears to be linked to schizophrenia and may also explain why schizophrenics tend to be heavy smokers. Lead researcher Dr. Robert Freedman of Denver's VA Medical Center and the University of Colorado School of Medicine says the gene appears to increase greatly the risk of developing the severe mental disorder, but not everyone with the gene becomes schizophrenic. It is not yet known what other biological, experiential or environmental factors may interact with the gene to trigger the disease, which affects about 1.5 in 100 people, or four million Americans.

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