Olanzapine Experiences

  I've seen, or received, a couple of emails (see below) regarding people's experiences with Olanzapine/Zyprexa. In my last newsletter Pam reported on her high level of success with it, but I want to emphasize that "your milage may vary" - not all responses are so positive. As always, everyone responds differently to these medications - the only way to truly tell seems to be to try them and be ready for the worst.



Following are two people's other people's experiences. If you are interested in discussing these medications I encourage you to join the areas on The Schizophrenia Homepage at


My son has been on Risperdal since July, 1996 when he was first diagnosed. It has worked quite well on him except for his social skills. He rarely goes out, except to work and an occasional dinner with his family. But he smiles more now, and will even crack an occasional joke which we love! The doctor put him on Olanzapine in October, because he wants to try anything new. The doctor is aggressively seeking perfection which we do appreciate. He kept him on Risperdal, taking him off slowly, and quickly increased the dosage of Olanzapine. By the end of the first week, he was becoming beligerant and angry. By the end of the second week, he was even worse. By the the end of the 3rd week, all his delusions were back and he was almost suicidal.

I am hearing all these wonderful things about Olanz., but I am wondering if we are the only ones who have had a bad experience with it. My son is back on Risperdal, Cogentin and Prozac and doing all right.


My son has been on Olanzapine since 11/17/96. He is currently on 5.0MG and doing well. It is the best medication for him to date. We have tried Resperidone, Mellaril, Navane, Clopixol and now Olanzapine since the first and only serious episode two years ago. This is the best yet. Almost back to where he was before the illness. Time will tell. We think 7.5MG may be the best but he is managing on the 5.0.

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