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The Fifth International Nature Genetics Conference: Functional Genomics: From Genes To Drugs. April 17 - 18, 1997

Description: As the quest to divine the full sequence of the human genome rapidly approaches fruition, recent discoveries will have profound implications for the fields of genetic diagnostics and therapeutics. Indeed, gene-based discoveries are already providing an entirely new approach to pharmaceutical drug development, and large pharmaceutical corporations and independent genomics companies are already racing to harness the fruits of the genome project into the development of novel therapeutic products. This conference--the fifth international Nature Genetics conference--represents a timely opportunity to analyse the cutting edge of human genomic research and its implications for understanding gene function and initiating drug discovery. Subjects covered will include the current state of the genome project in humans and model organisms; methods of analysing raw DNA sequence information; new experimental approaches to dissect gene function; the impact of new technologies on genetic diagnostics; and strategies for the application of new gene discoveries to target disease.

Location: Washington Court Hotel, Washington, DC., DC, U.S. Topics: Biology;Biomedical engineering;Cell and molecular biology;Developmental biology;Gene therapy;Genetics;Medical research;Molecular biology;Pharmacology Type of Meeting: Meeting/Conference Who Should Attend: The meeting will be of interest to a broad audience of geneticists, molecular biologist, pharmaceutical researchers, venture capitalists, and more. Keywords: functional genomics;DNA sequencing;genetic diagnostics;gene;drug development;pharmaceutical Organizer: Nature Genetics; Cambridge Symposia Contact: Cambridge Symposia, TEL:+1 617 630 1399, FAX:+1 617 630 1395 For more information:

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