Schizophrenia Research Resource:

This looks to be a great resource for anyone looking for information on Schizophrenia. I tried to get through to the following resource during the day but it was difficult because it, or the Internet, were too busy. Since the site is in the UK I recommend that you try to reach it during the late evening or early morning in the US.In fact I'm surprised nobody has done this yet in the US. If anybody finds a similar resource in the US please let me know - Brian.

Mental Health Metasearch

The Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, University of Sheffield has announced the availability of a Mental Health Metasearch.

You can now search all of the major mental health resources on the World Wide Web from one page; connect to all 857 psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience and social science journals and journal search engines; locate mental health texts, search for a colleague, a quotation, an electronic book, define a word, find a synonym, consult an electronic biography or connect to all of the major Internet search engines.

You can go directly to the Metasearch at:

or to the higher level site at:


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