New Mental Illness Anti-Stigma Video by Carter Center in Atlanta

Available Now From the Carter Center Mental Health Program, this video seems like a great purchase for families to view, and then donate to their local school libraries, or Schizophrenia support groups. (although I have not yet seen it myself)

Price: $7 (this includes Shipping and Handling)
Payment Method: Checks and Money Orders Only
Video Length: 27 Minutes
Who to Call: 404-420-5100, Ask for the Mental Health Program
or write:
Carter Center Mental Health Program
The Carter Center
1 Copenhill 453 Freedom Parkway,
Atlanta, GA 30307

They also have available an Information Package on their efforts (Free) and also a new report that is coming out soon from their Annual Symposium that takes place each November. If you are calling, you should ask for those also. - Brian.

ATLANTA -- The latest release starring Joanne Woodward and Rod Steiger is a video about mental illness that is being distributed with the help of former first lady Rosalyn Carter. Mrs. Carter, chairwoman of the Carter Center's Mental Health Task Force, said Tuesday that the video featuring Woodward, Steiger and author Kathy Cronkite will help dispel the stigma of mental illness. Narrated by Ms. Woodward, "Coping With the Stigma of Mental Illness," will be used by mental health organizations, civic and educational groups. "Today, one in four adults have a diagnosable mental disorder, but only 20 percent seek help," Mrs. Carter said. "Stigma is a big reason why so many people continue to suffer needlessly."

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