Some Feedback from readers on Mixed Medications:

I am aware of a study done at MASS. GENERAL HOSPITAL using Resperdol and Clozaril. I believe that one of the researchers is the current Director of NIMH. My daughter was put on 300 mgs Clozaril and 3 mgs of Resperdol and is doing great. With higher dosages of just one or the other medication she did "fair" but with major side effects.

Irene states that her daughter's doctor told her of the studies in Canada and Kansas on Risperdal and Zyprexa. Her doctor should be able to give her a reference, either to a published study or to the doctor or institution, with their addresses. If this has been published, it may be available at a local medical library (hospitals, medical schools, etc.) or on MedLine. If on the latter the complete reference can be obtained, an abstract should be available if it is old enough. If not, it may cost someone $10+ for the complete article. Copyright fees you know. A doctor who participated in the study will probably have access to reprints, which are paid for by the authors. They will gladly mail these in a SASE to the current doctor. I'd be interested in this report, too, because an adult son is barely controlled with many side effects on long term Clozapine. Still, it is the best drug he has used-of many; and has kept him out of the hospital for years now.

Retired doc.

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