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Janssen Leads Pharmaceutical Companies in Embracing the Internet.

Its great to see that some of the Pharmaceutical companies are getting a little more progressive and leveraging the power of the Internet to share the information on their medications and other research involving the diseases that they treat. It appears that Janssen is one of the first to really see the potential of this new medium, and to have start leveraging it. I recommend you stop by and check them out. The mentalwellness web site is focused more on the consumer/families involved with mental illness. The www.futur.com web site is more of the research oriented web site. While both of these sites have, I believe, a long way to go (I'd love to see the full results of the FDA testing, etc.) at least Janssen has started that process. The other companies seem to be light-years behind.

New Web Sites: http://www.mentalwellness.com http://www.futur.com

List of Psychiatric Conferences - Internationally Oriented http://www.futur.com/research/intcong.htm

Other Web sites by pharmaceutical companies are listed below, but they seem to have little or no information of valuable for the people interested in the actual treatments or diseases.

http://www.novartis.com/ (Previously Sandoz) the makers of Clozaril. This web site is fine for investors, but if you're looking for any substantive information skip it.

http://www.lilly.com/ Again, a web site focused on financials, and marketing their company. I don't think they even have the word "schizophrenia" on their web site.

For a full listing of other pharmaceutical companies on the Web see the following web site: http://php2.silverplatter.com/physicians/library/pharmcolst.htm

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