Breath Test for Schizophrenia Planned

Technology developed by Patrick McCann, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Oklahoma, uses lasers to measure the amount of a molecule -- carbon disulphide in the case of schizophrenia -- that is known to be present in the breath of people with that particular disease. "Every molecule has a unique fingerprint and by using the laser, we can probe that fingerprint, identify which molecules are there and how many of them are in that sample," Mr. McCann said.

While a breathalyser diagnostic test already exists for asthma, Mr. McCann, president and CEO of the machine's commercial developer, Ekips Technologies, says his invention is superior: It's inexpensive, fast, easy and non-invasive. The company is first focusing on Asthma and lung cancer, but then is planning to focus on developing a version of the product on schizophrenia.

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