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The PRIME Clinic (Prevention through Risk Identification, Management and Education) is dedicated to the early identification and treatment of people ages 14 to 30 who are at risk of developing psychosis. The PRIME Clinic is one of the leading clinics in North America in studying possible ways to prevent or delay the onset of psychosis. The idea of prevention and reducing risk, although not new in medicine, is only now gaining momentum in mental health practice.

The PRIME Clinic is currently looking for participants from the Greater Toronto Area for two major ongoing research projects:

PREDICT is a longitudinal study that focuses on developing a model that will help us identify prospective individuals who will develop psychosis prior to the onset of a full syndrome. Individuals are followed for 3-5 years and receive a range of comprehensive assessments and monitoring at regular intervals.

ADAPT is a study designed to determine the effectiveness of different psychological treatments. The first objective is to see if these treatments delay or even prevent the onset of psychosis for those who are at risk for psychosis. The second objective is to see if these treatments are helpful in treating the symptoms and concerns that clients present with at PRIME.

Potential candidates would be those between the ages of 14 and 30 who are experiencing mental and emotional changes, which could be indicators of risk for psychosis. Such changes include:
" Trouble understanding what is heard or read
" Feeling that the world has become strange and unreal
" Preoccupation with religion or superstitions
" Disorganized speech, racing thoughts or slowed-down thoughts
" Irrational ideas of special identity or abilities
" Problems with social activities, at work or at school
" Withdrawal from family and friends
" Flat emotions, decrease in facial expressions, monotone speech

People who have a family member with a mental illness, and who themselves are now experiencing their own difficulty with functioning, are also considered to be potential participants.

If you or someone you know who resides in the Greater Toronto Area may be a candidate for these research programs, please contact:
Dr. Jean Addington
252 College St., Toronto, ON. M5T 1R7
Tel: 416-260-4188 Fax: 416-260-4166



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