January 12, 2004


Till a few weeks ago, I was in this dilemma whether I should meditate or not. My relapse got under control in june when I started meditation, but recently when I had started hallucinating again, my doc told me to stop meditating as it increases the hallucinations. I had started feeling an increase in hallucinations the day I used to meditate. It is like one psychiatrist said, "While spiritual masters float in their world, schizophrenics drown in theirs..." That's because meditation also increases the hallucinations by intensifying the thoughts. But how could it be then that meditation had brought my severe relapse under control? Why was it different now? Why was it harming me now and increasing my hallucinations? I posted my query on the sz.com web board and got my answer...

It's one of the first things they teach while meditating. That is to 'Let Go'. You have to let your mind be the observer, just observe the thoughts arising in your mind and don't react to them. The thoughts will never stop untill you are brain dead, so the trick is not to react to these thoughts. It's like the clouds in the sky. They move on, without affecting the sky. That is how our thoughts should be. That is what I had forgotten. I had forgotten to let go. I wasn't observing my thoughts anymore, I was getting involved with them, I was reacting to them, I was believing in them...

Meditation brings about this eternal bliss, eternal happiness. It's because you let go, let go of all the pain, all the anger, all the hatred, all the agony, all the sadness, all the happiness, all the love, and you observe, you only observe...When you are in a tense situation, you observe your thoughts and act accordingly, you do not react, and hence you never get tense yourself. The key is to act and not react. The action will always bear good fruit, since there is no reaction. That is when the duality ceases to exist, there is happiness in your mind even when there is sadness around you, there is love even when there is hatred all around you, there is confidence in you even when their is despair all around, because you learn to act and not react. Yin and Yang cease to exist, good and bad cease to exist, the Eternal light shines, you become One with the Ultimate Consciousness, you Know the Ultimate Truth...

The Tao in its regular course
does nothing,
and so there is nothing
which it does not do. - Tao Te Ching

Let there be Light!

Posted by puzli at January 12, 2004 06:10 AM


It is beautiful what you have explain about meditation. The best Dr., the best healer, the best medicine is Being. Just Being. The rest of the world will never understand. A spiritual teacher will guide you in the real path. After a while not only in Meditation you expirience the peace and love and joy of Being, but in every moment of your life. Thank you for remind me not to give into the sub-world evaluations of what is to be in harmony. Thank you for remind me to read the books by the greatest spiritual teachers. We have so many who are alive. Thank you for sharing your Truth with all.
May you and everyone be free, and happy.

Posted by: bakti at February 4, 2004 12:36 AM

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