March 02, 2004


I read another post on the web board about this person who was having violent thoughts and one of the replies to it that caught my view was that don't do anything violent as it would give schizophrenics a bad name.

I'll have to ask the question to all those who consider violent people to be schizophrenic, "How many schizophrenics do you know?" Just one or two because they were violent. One or two out of more than 225 million schizophrenics in the world! And "How many violent people do you know who are not schizophrenic, how many terrorists, murderers?" Quite a few right? Well then isn't it in human nature to be violent? Then how can you say that we are violent because of schizophrenia?

Schizophrenics are subdued and withdrawn into their own world. They never even try to or are able to converse with people, let alone try to harm them. The violence creeps in only when the natural instinct of facing danger, harm to oneself is there. Schizophrenics would never try to harm people unless they feel that the people are trying to harm them. Leave them alone in their own world and see how deep they dig into their hole, never to leave it.

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hi puzli- thanks for writing. i love your journal, i will read as long as you want to write. i have two brotherss with schizophrenia. my older brother is paranoid. the younger, catatonic. I urge him to go out, but after reading this, maybe i won't urge either one to go out. he is up alot at night. and sleeps much during the day. he sees practically no one, he lives in his own apartment and likes it that way. the system here is so screwed up- america pays lip service to the mentally ill. they are treated as lepers. the paranoid one has his ups and downs. right now, he is doing well. even got an old car. but its like anything, you wait for the 'other shoe to drop'. when it does, it usually falls on y our tooth or something.... got to go, thanks for reading. hope to hear from you or read more. it gives me some insight into how they may feel. good luck to you, Puzli- blue

Posted by: bluebird at March 2, 2004 03:38 AM

hi bluebird,
i'm happy to hear that my writing helps you. It shouldn't be that you stop encouraging your brothers to go out completely. as they start doing better just encourage them to go out, but don't force them or expect them to go out. leave it for them to decide. you can only share your opinions with them. it would be great if they start going out and start getting reintegrated into the society.

keep in touch
love always

Posted by: puzli at March 2, 2004 05:50 AM

Dear Puzli,
There are two things in this entry that struck a chord. One was about 'leaving them alone in their own world and seeing how deep they dig into their hole...". Before my daughter was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, I remember when all of us were urging and nagging her to go back to college, my son suddenly telling us,"Mamma she is not here with us ! Do something". We looked at her-really looked at her and we could see her curled up in pain, within a deep cave.
The other was about schizophrenia and violence I think it has something to do with stereotypes which are surprisingly not being questioned .
Hugs, Survivor

Posted by: survivor at March 3, 2004 06:53 PM

I have a schizophrenic friend and I love the way his mind works. It's on a flying trapeze sometimes. But I also know him well enough to see the inner logic at work. Schizophrenia has its own psychology. What might be dismissed as 'hallucination' is, in fact, a highly original, often daring, and often brilliant re-creation of things drawn from life, dreams, television, movies, his own personal history, facts, fiction. He's endlessly creative. He never stops creating. And he pays a big price for it too.

Posted by: john at March 21, 2004 01:29 PM

thats the way it is john. keep the faith.
take care

Posted by: puzli at March 22, 2004 04:09 AM

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