May 27, 2004


Smoking cigarettes with all the hallucinations is quite understandable. It helps. But the will to lose the habit or cut down on the amount should be there as cigarettes themselves are pretty harmful. So once you have the will to cut down on the intake, fearing that the hallucinations might go up, just cut down, 1 cigarette at a time, like we lead our lives one day at a time. If the hallucinations start occuring, just try and think about the next thing that you want to do, the next thing that you plan to do, planning is crucial for us to survive, an orderly environment is necessary. So when the hallucinations start, let the fear be there, let the anxiety be there, try to think about the next step. I believe that we should all try to tolerate a little bit of fear in us, because it does us good by cutting down on the cigarettes. Just keep doing what you normally do, with the little haziness inside the mind, the fog, let it be there for some time. Take it down 1 cigarette at a time.You might not be able to concentrate but keep doing things even if it means cleaning up the place from top to bottom. Exercise to help combat any depression during withdrawal and help in improving the health deterioration that happens due to ciggies because it releases endorphins that give the feel good effect. All that you need is the will to do it. As an afterthought but all the more essential is that you should ask yourself "Do I really need this ciggie? Can't I survive without it?" before taking every cigarette. And keep drinking lots of water to get out that mucus and keep a low fat diet to help with the withdrawal symptoms by keeping your blood sugar levels normal to avoid more craving, and take lots of vitamin B, C, E, and betacarotene for stabilizing brain functions.

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I have gained a sense of connection and understanding from reading your blog. More than the understanding of the use of cigs and a deeper love of Metallica, I think this is the first time I've seriously thought of this overclocked mind of mine as possibly schizophrenic. How are you diagnosed? I mean, I have a great job, wonderful friends, but some very obvious deep-seated thought and mind-process driven issues that sound very familiar to what you describe. "Someone else" talks for me quite often, but that someone is part of me as well, just not the one I want to represent the total sum of my being, just a facet of the way I could be looking at things at this point in time. I'm scared to think, too. I dont want this to be what I am, but you may have helped me realize it. Thanks. -Flynn

Posted by: Flynn at May 28, 2004 03:00 AM

hi flynn,
i was diagnosed at the peak of my psychotic episode where i tried to commit suicide. its very difficult to diagnose sz and the earlier it is done the better it is. if you have any doubts about having it, i recommend that you consult a psychiatrist immediately. take care. love. puzli

Posted by: puzli at May 28, 2004 01:09 PM

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