July 25, 2004


I've this feeling of paranoia...always had the feeling that my own people are against me. So I ran away from home....but now I know the truth. so i go outside my house and have a cigaratte. i ring up my friends, but i dont feel like talking to them, neither do i want them to speak, for it leads to information overload that my brain only increases the anxiety and paranoia...i only want to know that i'm connected to them...free to run when i want to...free to go to a place where there is someone i can trust...that's why i feel like staying connected to my friends on the phone...ultimately i finish my cigaratte and come back home.

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it feels like im walking the plank or something sometimes...like i get lost up in my head as though im half insane, i know everyones there but at the same time everyone is someone else, something else is really going, its like what i see isnt reality its a puzzle i have to solve,once i solve it reality comes back but ive never been able to do that, i cant remember what ive imagined and whats really happened, its starting to feel more strange everytime i touch someone or get close, it feels like its coming to an end and i dont know what it is, sometimes nothing helps , these depression pills i took, the first day was amazing, but they slowly got worse and last night about a week later i was suicidal again...theres so much anxiety inside, the surface doesnt show any of it, .....

thats a paragraph of how i feel sometimes...i dont know whats the matter of if i am schizoprhenic or not, does anyone know

Posted by: steve at October 11, 2004 06:25 PM

i want to know about advertisment of cigarette harmful and how it spreading all over world.

Posted by: prashant at September 10, 2007 08:37 AM

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