January 11, 2005


What I really wanted to tell u in my last post but had forgotten was that I've joined shito-ryu (one form of-) karate. I found it really good, it uplifted my spirits, removed my depression, and made me feel good. Karate is a self defence technique using bare hands. It not only involves fighting, but is an art in itself, with breathing techniques that jolt the blues out of you.

However, it can be too daunting for a person with schizophrenia to participate as shouting 'kiae' with every movement and hearing everyone else do the same can tax the system and be overwhelming. Therefore, I recommend you to try it only if you are able to withstand loud noises. Its benefits include not only elevation of mood, but immediate control of weight gain. I'd already lost 1kg. in 4 days of karate and am feeling slimmer. I would suggest you go and sit through the class twice to get the feel of the environment and then if you feel comfortable, join it. Love to all. puzli

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