November 18, 2005

An interesting observation

I was just reading through one of my earlier posts, and I discovered what seemed to be a contradiction in Krishnamurti's philosophy -

"Anger has that peculiar quality of isolation; like sorrow, it cuts one off, and for the time being, at least, all relationship comes to an end. Anger has the temporary strength and vitality of the isolated. There is strange despair in anger; for isolation is despair."

At first I thought that he had made a mistake when he used the term "isolation" by relating it to "despair". (read my previous post to know how Krishnamurti defines isolation). But then I knew that Krishnamurti always says that one has to be really careful with words. So how could he make such a mistake? How could isolation be a case of despair, of losing hope? And how could "Anger is better than despair" be true as basic human psychology says (i got this info from Terminator 3)

But then I tried to recall what he said about hope. According to him, and I completely agree, hope implies a feeling and thought of something better, a self-projected image of how things might be in the future, a wishful thinking, a faith...basically not living in the present, in the unknown, trying to find security by believing in the known, which is not in the present. So isolation and despair are actually the same thing!!

But then what about "anger is better than despair"? Where does it go wrong if anger and despair are the same? Psychology lacks the insight into the duality and the oneness, the truth. It doesn't realize that people will still remain in conflict if they do not understand its reason. And hence they will keep on oscillating within the duality of hope, (which is despair) and sadness (which is conflict). But then, one has to consider, as I repeatedly say, what a person needs to hear to survive, something that might not be the truth. And that is where psychology is helpful.

Interestingly, anger arises from conflict. And only in the isolation that follows can there come about true love, and that is when a relationship is established that actually allows one to commune.

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