June 18, 2006

Problems when hospitalized

One of the things that I was completely unprepared for during my stay at the hospital was memory loss. I had been put on around 10 medications day and night that for the 8 days I stayed there, I recall a few bits and pieces only. I don't remember all the day care activities like dancing, singing, drama practices they made me do. I don't remember whether my mom used to come alone or with my dad to visit me. I took my phone inside with the pretext that my books were on it in digital form, and I don't remember more than 5 hours of talks I had with my friends during that time, but I have the calls recorded on my phone so I have something to listen to in order to remind me if it does happen. However, it was all worth the stay there!

Posted by puzli at June 18, 2006 03:59 PM


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