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November 13, 2004

The ending of thoughts

As A.B. posted a comment on my previous post - Dont keep thinking and analysing your thoughts. I've had this problem of doing just the same in order to make some sense of my own identity. I'm glad for the identity crisis, for now I realize that the 'I' is not important. I found my guidance with the works of Jiddu Krishnamurti. I learnt from him not to keep analyzing the thoughts, not coming to conclusions, and hence justifications. you just have to rid yourself of the process, but it doesn't come through will, for will is an action of thought through memory, and you will just keep on going around in circles if you do that. You have to break the cycle, but to break the cycle, the thoughts have to end, and this cannot happen by will, for it is another thought. The only way the there can be silence is through an attentive mind, not one who is aware of the nuances of the times, the how to do, but a mind that lives without accumulating the thoughts. And accumulating the thoughts doesn't come at the end of accumulation, it comes at the beginning - you don't have to accumulate the thoughts at all. Only then will the division, the 'I' end, only then will silence come, and only then will love blossom as a benediction.

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