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July 25, 2005

Lisa back in the hospital

I thought when I started this blog, I'd be writing in it constantly and that it would be therapeutic. Once I started teaching again in the fall, the last thing I wanted to think about was a blog. In fact, I needed to find balance in my life besides being a full time life saver. Having a daughter that is schizo-effective is like a roller coaster. We build up high hopes because everything seems to be going so well and then "we" are back in the hospital. Lisa has been trying to get a degree in radiology. But, how can she handle a job with any kind of liability risks with her illness. She did have one job on the Whirlpool help line giving advice about small appliances. It paid so well, she almost lost her disability payments. But, then she was fired a few months before she ended up in the hospital again and shortly after New Year's Day. It took her weeks before she came out of her catatonic state.

Lisa has been trying to transition from Clozipine to Ambilify for almost a year (She also takes Depikote). For anyone who reads this, please forgive any spelling errors. I don't want to block my flow of thought by getting caught up in every little thing. Anyway, as this has been occuring, she has had increased social phobia similar to what she had when she first became ill while attending college. Lisa ended up in the hospital again today. It will be a short visit, since she's coming around so quickly. It never stops breaking my heart whenever this happens. Again, we start on page one. Is the Ambilify not working? Was she not taking her meds? What will Lisa's new direction be?

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