Silent Storms - Cathi's Biography

In many ways, Cathi was a prisoner of her heart when she married Daniel. She knew he had periodic attacks of schizophrenia. She also knew how distructive these could be for their relationship. But she didn't care. She was going to fix it all by marrying him.

Is it surprising that they were divorced three years later? Not really. What is surprising is that she stayed with him for so long. And she had his child, who was one year old when she finally left.

Another surprise is that she returned to live with him and their child. This happened only after she got him to promise to behave better. Both of them were still in denial about his illness.

But she stayed. After four more years of intermittent madness, Cathi finally opened her eyes and realized that something would have to be done. After twice being under lock and key in a mental institution, Daniel was also able to face his illness.

Caring for, and especially being in love with someone diagnosed with a mental illness is exhausting. But it is also one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Cathi's family life has now stabilized and she would
not change it for the world. She is now able to face the many challenges of the illness with Daniel and their little boy (now six years old), and she is
stronger for her experiences.

Cathi is no longer a prisoner, but a willing accomplice to what her heart expects of her.



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