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Pamela Wagner is an accomplished writer and an award-winning poet who also happens to have schizoaffective disorder. She is currently working with her twin sister (an accomplished psychiatrist) on a new book that covers their lives and how schizoaffective disorder has impacted them.

Pam will be writing a web log over the coming months that documents her thoughts, opinions, challenges and successes as she works on the book. We encourage you to check back frequently to enjoy her insights on life and literature.

For some biographical information on Pam and some good examples of her accomplishments in writing, please see the following:

Pamela Wagner and her sister Carolyn (a Harvard Medical School Psychiatrist) are interviewed in this April, 2004 program from The Infinite Mind series: You will need the Real Audio software to listen to this file - it can be downloaded for free from

  • Four Lives Interview - Details: Featured on this Audio program are:

    Texas State Representative Garnet Coleman, former head of Ann Richard's campaign for governor, a nationally recognized leader in the fight for healthcare reform and better mental health services, who is living with manic-depressive illness;

    Meera Popkin, a star of Cats and Miss Saigon on Broadway and in London's West End who was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Her life went from center stage and limousines to waiting tables at Wendy's, but she's back; and

    Twin sisters Pam Spiro Wagner and Carolyn Spiro, who have written a new book about Pam's struggle with schizoaffective disorder and how that has affected their relationship. Pam and Carolyn were freshmen students at Brown University when Pam became ill. She has since won an international poetry prize. Carolyn graduated from Harvard Medical School and works as a psychiatrist.

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