February 20, 2004

Stem Cells Repair Brain

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Researchers Find a Type of Stem Cell May Have the Ability to Repair the Brain - New York Times.
" A type of self-renewing cell found in the adult human brain may have the potential to repair brain damage or disease, scientists reported yesterday.

The cells, neural stem cells, have been known about for some time. But their function has been a mystery. Researchers theorized that the cells, as in rats and monkeys, generated new neurons...."

This seems like an important area to research for treatments and cures for schizophrenia.

A related News Story: Stem Cell Source Found in Human Brain
Could mark a step toward repairing brain damage

Progress Slowed - Unfortunately - it looks like the world will have to wait much longer than we would otherwise have to for new stem cell therapies - because the USA has dramatically reduced the pace of progress in stem cell research due to the Bush Administration directives - as this article points out: U.S. Losing Edge in Stem Cell Research " It's official: The United States has fallen significantly behind in mining the promising field of stem cell research to treat disease.

A momentous milestone - a team of South Korean researchers has announced its successful harvesting of stem cells from a cloned human embryo - is a feat U.S. researchers have been striving to achieve since at least 2001.

The script, many U.S. scientists say, was essentially written by the Bush administration when it decided to restrict federal funding for research in the politically charged field."

Sadly - potential cures for many serious diseases are going un-researched because a few people have somehow been convinced through religious ideology that a human cell (an embryonic stem cell) smaller than the size of the period at the end of this sentence should be called a "human" - and shouldn't be subject to scientific research. Despite the fact that thousands of these cells are discarded every year by fertility clinics (which is entirely legal and done around the world) - a small group of people somehow think that its still better to just throw these cells away, rather than use them for research to help millions of people. What is more important to you - diverting a few thousand cells that are smaller than a pin head from the wastebasket to the researcher's lab to potentially save millions of people's lives. Or to to follow blindly some arcane religious doctrine that states that as soon as a human sperm and egg meet that it instantly becomes "human". This issue was decided on decades ago in the US in the Abortion debate and I don't know why people who care about helping the sick and mentally ill don't affirm this decision from long ago. Cells smaller than a pin head are not babies - and never have been.

Posted by szadmin at February 20, 2004 09:38 PM

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While since is a very important thing so is human life. I am always impressed by the wonderful new discoveries of treatment for the psychologically impaired, however I feel your need to reconstruct a child is absolutely wrong in lots of ways. If we were given that chance, what is to say that we were not playing God. That is just not right, we were not made to create life any other way than the through being pregnant. I suggest that you find a different way to reconstruct that cell. Even if you were allowed to continue your research by cloning only cells that you can use to treat people, what about the lives you created? You would be destroying a life to save a life. It's not worth it.

Posted by: at September 9, 2004 05:14 PM

For all those people who have suffered a lifetime of illness, treatment, hope and disappointment; "Its not worth it" (?).

But it is acceptable to send Americans to die and kill in a war to save and protect american lives
from terrotists?

Posted by: at October 20, 2004 09:45 PM

I believe that Bush is against stem cell research (he uses the word "cloning" because of the word's inflammatory nature) because his good friends in the pharmaceutical business cannot sell drugs to people who have been cured of their disease.

Posted by: Raymond at May 23, 2005 01:52 AM

do you people (opposers) believe this is an attitude for ever? other countries are already doing it and US sadly stays behind in research. i would think of this as a temporary stupidity of humanity, sorry we have to wait for the mass to evolve just like many times in the history. and meanwhile suffer.

Posted by: ping at April 6, 2006 04:29 PM

Are there any hospitals or research centers using live patients to do self-renewing cell replacement for someone with schizophrenia?
Please advise.
Thank you.
Beverly Gross

Posted by: beverly gross at June 14, 2006 03:37 PM

I live with schizophrenia every day. George Bush doesn't opt to make the decision to look into stem cell research because of his ethics. Thats garbage! I'm sure if he was the one living with a sickness, he would have a different point of view.

Posted by: William at June 22, 2006 05:30 PM

First of all, embroys are not humans! If embroys are humans, then eggs are chickens! Obviously none of you seem to mind eating chiken embroys! An embroy is a single cell and it will not become a human unless it grows in a female body. And trust me if god was against stem cell research he wouldnt given us the intelligence to do it. If you're so concern about people playing god, then YOU need to stop playing god by telling people what to do.

For your information, the stem cell researchers use cells that going to be 'trashed' in the fertility and abortion clincs. If you're gonna be against that, then you may as well be against blood, kidney and liver transplants from dead people. Because that's playing god too. DON'T even think about seeking medical attention at all because that's playing god too!!

I seriously hope all you people who are against stem cell research suffer from serious illnesses so that you can undrestand the importance and need of such researches just like we do.

Posted by: aurora at November 3, 2006 06:20 PM

May the researchers all over the world soon find the treatment with stem cell for all mental and other illness that are tormenting so many people. May God Bless the researchers.

Posted by: Rose at January 7, 2007 12:10 PM

Stem cell research has to become a strong issue amongst the public, if we can hope to increase funding. Our leaders can make it a priority, but only if we speak out. suport=exposure=issue=policies=votes

Posted by: William at March 5, 2007 04:43 PM

I am not a political person. I just have a question. We just found out that my son-in-law brain stem could be schrinking, should he get a second opinion? Hes been through a lot test allready. be waiting for reply. Thank you

Posted by: lillian at September 18, 2007 09:03 PM

It is good to conduct more R & D world wide specially on stem cell & schrizophrenia to eredicate this terribel disease.
I would like to keep in touch with scientists conducting stem cell research,
and know recent development &
treatments, if any.
Best Wishes to all the scientists working on this aspect.

Posted by: Dr.Sanat Dhungel at October 30, 2007 11:06 PM

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