February 23, 2004

Cortex Ampakine Compound Fails Test

Cortex's Ampakine CX516 Fizzles, But More Potent Ones In Pipeline - Over the past few years Cortex has gotten a great deal of press coverage for a series of new drugs that show potential in helping people with the memory/cognitive problems that are common with schizophrenia. Recently the company announced that the most recent trials of one of the compounds had failed but that other compounds were still showing potential. We wish them luck:

"Cortex Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s CX516 for mild cognitive impairment failed to meet its primary endpoint in a Phase IIb trial, although a subset of patients with the worst memory trouble showed improvement over placebo.

The cross-national study with a fixed dose of CX516 vs. placebo included 175 patients at nine sites in the U.S. and 22 sites across France, Belgium, the UK, Sweden and the Netherlands. Eighty-four patients were given CX516 and the rest placebo.

Data did not show statistically significant improvement in delayed recall of a 15-item word list, but the subset with the most serious baseline memory impairment - that is, the worst 25 percent of the patient population - performed substantially better on the test when given CX516, as compared to placebo."


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