February 26, 2004

Early Diagnosis & Treatment is Important in Schizophrenia

Earlier diagnosis of schizophrenia improves results of treatment

It was reported by Yale University today that there is more evidence that "Detecting and treating schizophrenia rapidly, following the onset of a first psychotic episode, improves the patients' response to treatment, according to a study by a Yale researcher.

Thomas McGlashan, M.D., professor of psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine, said the length of time between the onset of psychosis and detection and treatment can stretch from several weeks to several years. This time span is a concern because the patient is sick and untreated and because there is some indication that the untreated psychotic state itself may increase the risk of a poor outcome.

"It looks like the longer the period of time before treatment, the worse off the patients are not only when they come into treatment, but how they respond to treatment," McGlashan said.

In a study published this month in the Archives of General Psychiatry, McGlashan looked at 281 patients in four Scandinavian health sectors with equivalent treatment programs. Two of the four sectors had early detection programs and two did not. Those that did have programs educated residents, school counselors, and health care workers about psychotic symptoms such as increasing isolation, responding to voices no one else hears, delusional thinking, irritability, difficulty sleeping, and overall marked reduction in the ability to cope with life's daily stresses."

"All factors being equal, early detection efforts will bring people into treatment at lower symptom levels," McGlashan said. "Patients who began treatment earlier tended to be younger, less symptomatic, and more responsive to treatment."

More information on how to get Treatment:
Global List of Early Psychosis Treatment Centers

Posted by szadmin at February 26, 2004 05:07 PM

More Information on Schizophrenia Diagnosis


If early detection is a key to the success of
recovery, than one shall think to explain why
this is. I believe that the longer a consumer
goes without treatment the more torment they feel
resulting in isolating themsevles to hide the
disease from those around them, because they are
seeing and feeling negative responses from their
"quote" "normal enviroment" surrounding them. In
conclusion they are more apt to self-worthiness
and fear for a longer period of time. Which in my common sense conclusion takes longer for them to recover once they are being treated. Because now they truly believe something is not normal within
them. resulting in the #1 reason why schizophrenics claim that nothing is wrong with them, which is to protect what they feel is hurtful and certainly understandably not fair to their pride.

Posted by: Brenda at April 29, 2004 08:33 AM

Dear Sirs,

Please kinldy your asisstance about this illness, my brother got it in 1998, when he entered to the univesity, untill now his condition is so unstable, we have seek help and treatment with medic. rispedal, cpz, artan but his condition is so worst day by day. It has took almost 7 years we are so tired and restless and worried about him ..... is there anything that we can make sure for his illness, should him using MRI to make sure about his illness.

Thank you very much for your kind asisstance.


Posted by: celli at May 4, 2004 08:56 AM

I am currently experiencing undiagnosed early signs of paranoid schizophrenia and believe that as an illness is it more determined from abnormal social environments rather then some genetic abnormality. When an individual lacks social intimacy and therefore genuine support it is not difficult to loose oneself. I believe that modern Australian society is isolating and lacks compassion, its as though everyone has become caught up in themselves.
I have experienced the textbook definition of the running commentary on my behaviour. Although after reading research on sleep deprivation these symptoms were common amongst these patients. Therefore it is difficult to differentiate between the sleep deprivation causing the symptoms from the symptoms being a product of an underlying disorder.
I guess i can rationalise all of the symptoms into being caused by something other then schizophrenia and why not? maybe this will make recovery a hell of a lot easier, maybe i'll never even experience full blown psychosis?

Posted by: Anon. at May 27, 2004 08:56 AM

is it true this illness have a proven a loses brain cells/brain injured.

Posted by: zarul at June 1, 2004 07:39 AM

My ex husband suffers from paraniod schitzophrenia.myself and our 3 children were all subject to his violent and sometimes life threatening outbursts.The continuous battle to get him to understand that he has a mental health disorder has proven unsuccessful.He has even been involuntarily detained for 21days under the mental health act but to no avail.it is sad, but it was very necesary to flee from him as his condition got worse so did his violence.We have been divorced for 5 years now, and i have nothing to do with him anymore , but to this day he still refuses to believe he is ill.Please anyone who has been diagnosed with this disorder, seek the medical attention that you need. It may be the difference between keeping your family or losing everything

Posted by: Clare at July 4, 2004 02:07 AM

my aunti is suffering from schizophreniadetected after 4 yrs. according to dr.it is very late. she has started the treatment but now chances to tevert back is less & each yr by 10% after 1 yr according to dr. how she can be become normal.
require your help & suggestion how we can go about it.

Posted by: monpink at August 3, 2004 04:27 PM

Dear Doctors:
i have a close friend whose father is suffering from schizophrenia and he is now 20 years old ,and he is depressed on and off. though he doesnt show any kind of hallusanation but he has some kind of fussiness about cleaning his hands after going to toilet or washing his clothes! he is now 20 years old and its about 4 years he is having this fussiness!Also he has tried to sueside 5 times till now! i just wanted to know if these can be the signs of schizophrenia and if we can prevent him from facing the desease!
thanks in advance.

Posted by: yassaman at August 6, 2004 01:10 AM

can an overdose of crack cause paranoid schizophrenia? my son was diagnosed with this. what medications are used to treat this?

Posted by: debra at August 26, 2004 11:35 PM


Posted by: Jamil at September 7, 2004 04:30 AM

my brother has been diagnosed with schizophrenia.
my father tried every thing he could as fas as getting help. now he's back in lousiana with my mother who has the same problem. both of them think that the world is against them. my mother has went as far as writing the mayor, telling him that when she went to a routine exam the doctors placed a tracking device in her vagina. it's terrible. my brother also think he has powers he's claimed to have seen Tupac Shakur. he even thinks he is a vampire. they are roaming the streets of louisiana. family members have tried to take them in but it stressful. what can i do to help?

confused and going crazy,

Posted by: lacresha penn at September 22, 2004 09:32 PM

My friend has recently been referred by a doctor to go and be diagnosed, as he has many symptoms of schizophrenia.
I was just wondering, can schizophrenia go away on it's own, or do you need the correct treatment?
Thank you very much for your time.

Posted by: Sheridan Ridley at April 27, 2005 08:56 AM

HI, I recently found out i have had schizophrenia since the age of around 5. This was mainly due toi a stressful relationship with my mother. I just wandered, as I am on the medication "abilify" at the moment, what the general recovery rate is among people who develop schizophrenia at a similar time but are not treated until they are around 18? Please reply

Posted by: Edward at May 10, 2005 06:24 PM

I have studied schizophrenia for a number of years as a hobby as I beleived my blood relatives to have symptoms of the chronic form of the disorder. No where does it say schizophrenia is genetic, I however beleive it to be. The problem occurs when the amnesia like symtoms and denial-unrecognision of the disorder are prevalent in its early stages, childhood! This obviously will result in misdiagnosis. I beleive the disorder can lay dormant in a form if the mind is socialised in the correct way. Each brain may react differently to the medication, depending on the conditioning which acted as a catalyst for the schizophrenia. If it has got to the stage where your brain is damaging cells quicker than it is regenerating them then surely we need a medication that will help the brain protect itself. Once the normal neruological functioning of the brain is gone then its gone, maybe the impairment of memory is what stops the brain from recovery to its fullest. Doctors dont know if im schizophrenic. Is that part of their diagnosis? I still think some of the smartest ppl are schizophrenic just a different way of thinking and if a schizophrenic mind is not nurtured in a way which will encourage it to preserve itself then it will run on in its own. I would be interested to know if there are more or less ppl that are schizophrenic in todays society. A shame that the disorder stops the correct functioning of the motor neurons which enable you to communicate. In the earlier stages the brains thought process will still function properly. That's probably why schizophrenic ppl get worse, it's that which causes isolation. If I am then I won't remember this anyway but it may help someone else!!!!! thankyou

Posted by: Betty at July 27, 2005 01:57 PM

If a child is diagnosed with, schizophrenia from age five there is a high probability that the child will have been born with the illness. Seeing as this is the age at wcich a child is continuing to learn vast amounts of info quickly. To have had this up till eighteen is to be doing v.well as most brain abnormalities form from diagnosis quicker than this. Keep doing the same thing to enable your brain to become comfortable with the new behavioural pattern. Your Dr will help you to differentiate between instinct and the symptoms of the disorder. I f you have lived with it in these formative years then your lucky your mind will most probably cope as normal under this disorder. Provided nothing really bad happens in your life.

Posted by: anon at July 27, 2005 03:22 PM

I got to know about this disorder after seeing what the doctor had written down about my brother. He has been under this condition for the last four weeks and this has greatly affected the family. someone has to be with him at all times and he can concentrate on nothing.We have alredy spent a great deal of money on him.My only plea is to know what is the fastest way of his recovery.
Andrew from Kenya

Posted by: Andrew at July 30, 2005 06:49 AM

Well, I am just coming to realize that my son's father is suffering from this disease, but he fails to see it. I wanted to know if there is any suddle approach to help him see it in a none offensive way. Telling him that he has a problem makes him feel offended and he gets violent. If anyone has any info on how to pursued him to get the help that he needs in order to function properly it will be greatly appreciated.
Thank You

Posted by: Lacrisha Watson at October 10, 2005 03:04 PM

My brother, 20 years old, had a very bad attack last September 23, 2005. What happened was as he went to school at 7am, he almost collapsed, had a high blood pressure and had a very rapid heart beat. Only to find out after 3 months that the previous night, Septemper 22, he had a SHABU(Amphetamine-type drug w/c is prohibited here in the Philippines)session from 11pm until dawn. After that, he was hospitalized and was diagnosed with unstable hypertension and was given Atenolol. But the problem was until now he experiences difficulty in breathing ( feeling that not enough oxygen is getting into the lungs sometimes and sometimes feels that his chest in the middle section is heavy), something is moving in his nose and heart that blocks them that is why his breathing is difficult and his feet and hands become cold anytime. But as he faces or talks with a doctor, these symptoms disappear immediately like magic. But after talking and leaving the hospital, symptoms reapperr. This happened four times. We even have him an ECG test to find out if something is wrong in his heart and the result is negative. That is 4 ECG tests in three months. And yet he is not satisfied. There are times when he cannot move his whole body and is gasping for air to breath for he feels that he doesn't get enogh oxygen and he also feels drowned while exhaling. And the attcks become more frequent since the first attack and we've found out that the attacks are observed with almost definite time like 3pm and on Satudays. These are the times when the attacks are worse that the others.

As I searched the net, a withdrawal symptom of amphetamine use includes schizophrenia symptoms. Can you please help me?

By the way in 2005 my brother used the drug 2 times only, one in January and the second one was on September 22 prior to the attck. He also confessed that in years 2000 and 2001, he was using the drug but couln't tell if how often or what doses.

Please send me a reply to: quantum_member@yahoo.com

I shall appreciate your help and advice. Thank Yiou!

Posted by: Pinoy Big Brother at November 27, 2005 08:21 PM

My brother has been diagnosed with schizophrenia after drug abuse at the age of eighteen.

It has hurt the family so much, however we are all very close. The anti psychotic drugs he has been prescribed appear to be working very well. He has managed to hold down a job and the drugs have relatively few side effects at present.

We have a history of schizophrenia in the family - a great auntie and uncle and great grandmother with bi-polar disorder on my mothers side and now my younger brother.

I am concerned regarding genetics and what is the likelihood of my future children becoming affected by this mental illness. please help.

Posted by: Michele at November 28, 2005 11:33 AM

My cousin is suffering from schizoprenia.
He is suffering from brain imagination schizoprenia.

He thinks that some machine is sounding in his brain.
He also suffer from insomania.

Please suggest me some medication .

Looking forward for your reply.

Thank you

Posted by: Nikhil at January 19, 2006 02:16 AM

he is schizophrenic paranoid type. the drug that i recommend is Abilify with a dose of 15 mg once daily. a significant response will be seen within 1 wk. he might get agitated at the beginning few days.

Posted by: lek vasoon at January 23, 2006 04:13 AM

I am becoming increasingly worried that my boyfriend is a paranoid schizophrenic. He doesn't want anything to do with anyone but me as he trusts no-one, but saying that, he doesn't trust me either and constantly thinks I am doing something behind his back. He, however, wants me with him all the time and doesn't want anyone near me and doesn't like me having friends. His dream would be me and him on a island with no contact with anyone else, ever. The symptom of thinking people are out to get him is milder than described in published symptoms, but is still there. He thinks the few friends we have aren't really friends...and sometimes even out to get him!...and even doesn't want to have anything to do with friends that associate with someone he has a problem with. He lets every little everyday issue get to him in a big way. Every trivial argument eg. about household chores, he will create into something so big that he is willing to have huge traumatic arguments that last sometimes days. It seems that everything gets to him. He says he loves me with all his heart, and I know he does, but he just can't seem to be happy...he is always looking for something to stress about. Last year he found a text from a friend I had got involved with for a very short time, way before I started seeing him. The friend and I had told each other in the texts "I love you" but it was meant purely platonically...and I had previously told him of our habit of doing this, as friends. I would never ever cheat on him. I know how it must have looked to him but no matter how much I tried to get through to him that there was nothing going on, he wouldn't believe it, and then it was like a different person was speaking to me and I couldn't reach him. I was "Just like the rest of them", as he put it. Later, I came out of the bedroom and found he'd hung himself from the banister. After the most traumatic experience of my life, he survived with no side effects and swore everything would be different and begged me not to leave him, which I agreed with on the condition he got therapy...I thought he had realised a lot. But...the night before last (a year later), he smashed our house up over a very small and 'normal' argument. He got really drunk and turned into this horrific monster who I did not know at all, it was someone else, and I don't think it was only the alcohol. I had to run from the house and go to a hotel...I feared for my safety. He is very very rarely violent and it has only been directed at inanimate objects. He admits he has a problem and even suggested (half joking) schizophrenia, but is very reluctant to go for help...the few sessions he had with 'therapists' on the UK National Health Service after his suicide attempt were absolutely atrocious and it wasn't even the same therapist who saw him each time. They didn't care or try to understand, it was very evident that their first language was not English, which I think is important in understanding what a patient might be subtley trying to say. They didn't even seem qualified to deal with such a situation and were very keen to sign him off of the 'free' sessions register, which they immediately did after asking 'Do you think you're alright?' I really hope you can offer me some advice. Do his symptoms sound like PS? Will he need medication or would therapy be enough? Does this medication have side effects,eg will it make him lose the essence of who he is?/will numb him and break his spirit? Will it get worse or could it stay the same and be manageable? It doesn't go away, does it? Can he have a brain scan which will give a definite answer as to whether he is or isn't? I love this man with all my soul and he is such a very beautiful, calm, understanding, loving, giving person when he is not experiencing his paranoia, his delusions. I really look forward to hearing from you as I don't want to leave him, he's my beautiful man...but can't take it much longer.

Posted by: Claire at February 5, 2006 08:20 AM

My sister has been ill for 6 years now. I think she is schizophrenic. My parents has been bringing her to a psychiatrist and been giving her medicine every night so she can sleep. But she's still the same. Now she can't stop talking - word salad. I believe, the medicine is not helping her but it actually makes it worst. Is there anyone who can help her. Whatever help will be much appreciated. Our whole family is really affected and for years it's really frustrating. She is so young and there is still a great life ahead of her if she will get help in different way. Thank you. God Bless your heart. Please send email at galaxyfairy00@hotmail.com.

Posted by: Mary at February 11, 2006 02:09 PM

I'm a little concerned. Lately, I have been hearing things that aren't there. It is usually when I'm by myself, but it's sounds real and has at times caused me to react. Examples are sirens, the doorknob turning, laughing, faint voices (I normally can't hear what they say, though sometimes it's voices saying mean things about me--- they are sometimes voices of people whom I know, and sound like they are coming from another room not inside my head), etc. It's only auditory hallucinations. Also I've had some paranoid thoughts for no reason, thinking someone is coming after me. However, I recognize these as being false when I think about them. It worries me because it seems like more and more that I'm getting up and checking rooms I know are empty or looking out the blinds, etc. The other day I swore I heard someone trying to get into my apartment and sat and cried after I checked the door and there was no way anyone was there or had been.
I'm a 21 year old female. I read in my mother's psychiatric report once (she had a copy laying around for court) about a "schizophrenic break" though she never said anything to me about it, and she died of an overdose a few months back so I can't ask. The hallucinations and paranoia got bad after using methamphetemines. I am not on meth, but I tried it a few times (four to be exact). Several months ago I tried it more than one day in a row for the first and only time, and had very bad visual and auditory hallucinations--- and since then, despite being sober from everything, I keep having them.
I quit my job of three years a few months ago because I was very depressed. (I have been diagnosed with depression, though I am not taking medicine because it seems to have no effect-- I am not always depressed, I have to concentrate and work o it but it seems like I can knock it off with willpower).
Should I worry about this maybe being schizophrenia? I'm not like, split from reality or completely crazy by any means. I am maintaining relationships, etc. Still, I'm really worried. The hearing things scares me.

Posted by: Lisa at February 18, 2006 07:51 AM

My Sister says that last two days she sees someone inside head (a dark person) is bothering.

My brother has previously diagnosed with mental ilness and I am worried that my sister is developing the symptom.

What should be done?

Posted by: kakilan at March 5, 2006 05:00 AM

My Husband has schizophrenia about a year ago he was so unstable and so unhappy and had no personality of his own that lasted about 8 months and now hes showing more signs that hes going back to the same state I want so deeply and so bad to help him but he thinks that im the problem and he thinks im getting in his head he thinks i dont even love him and has even sexually molested me hes not like that i know its not his fault and hes doesnt even know what hes doing i try so hard to understand but im scared of him and i feel thats wrong i dont know what to do please help me i dont want to lose the man i love again.

Posted by: Stephanie at April 14, 2006 03:37 PM

My relative is taking by her self she is watching tv 10 hours or more she is also doctor she speakes and not listen to any one an complete her talk she some times angy and then ok kindly tell us how to prevent it she is around 31

Posted by: Imran at May 19, 2006 10:55 PM

I am currently pursuing a master's degree in PA studies, and I am researching schizophrenia. I was wondering if you could please send me a copy of a sample psychiatric report for a patient diagnosed with schizophrenia. Thank you!

Posted by: Ashley Albers at May 30, 2006 06:48 PM

My son is diagonised to have Schizophrenia. He is in his teens and was taking medicines for two months and we could see signs of improvement. But he started having temporary loss of vision and on the infomation from a eye doctor that it is the medicine that is creating the temporary loss of vision he stopped. Now he refuses to take any medication. Is there any way we can have him take the medicine. Please advice.

Posted by: babu at June 15, 2006 09:04 AM


I'm researching on Schizophrenia because i think my little brother are having similiar systm.. my parents took him to the hostipal and the hositpal took alot of testing to see whats wrong with him... and all his test came out negative...

If someone have Schizophrenia can doctors tell by doing testing on head ...or its a mental thing that cant find in xray on brain??????

please help

Posted by: alexia at July 7, 2006 08:45 AM

can some one tell me how i can make my brother to go and see a new doctor.he is an schizoprenic and dosent want to seek a proper doctor because i think the old one didnt treat him well.we cant force him but i realy think if he go and see a new doctor his condition would be definitly diferent.thank u

Posted by: beata at August 21, 2006 10:33 AM

I'm beginning to belive i'm paranoid schitzo...after acouple days of heavy meth use, I thought there were people outside my house with guns, I was so convinced that i ran out of my house and drove away and even then i saw people on the streets and thought they were after me with guns too! I cant sleep at night because when i lie still i can visualize someone pointing a gun at me about to pull the trigger. There's voices as well with these horror scenerios...how do i get better, please help

Posted by: Silenoz at September 16, 2006 05:22 AM

My wife has been suffering Schizophrenia since 1999. He is always under treatment. Now everyday she is taking 3 Haldol and 3 Kemadrin tablets, but still hearing voices and sometimes disturbing us also. Most important is I am feeling after few months may be the amount of medicine may need increase, but according to the doctor this is the highest dose.
If anybody likes to help me, please tell me another treatment for her or any better medicine is there for Schizophrenia?

Posted by: Mohammed Nazir Alam at September 21, 2006 12:28 AM

I been suffering from Schizoprenia for 10 or more years, and 33 years old. I allways feel like someone is talking to me. I see things all the time ( little green men. My mind is so tierd, Some days i want to say "fuxx this shit!". I just want to be sick free, no meds no doctors no illness.


Posted by: lexxes at October 17, 2006 10:38 AM

Child onset schizophrenia. My son had his first pyschotic event at age 5 and now at age 13 he is have very visual and auditory hallucinations W/meds. He is also showing signs of congnitive impairments across the board. I see my son disintegrating before my eyes and believe it's too late to reverse the course of the disease. I've read that with earl onset cases the brain gets cooked completely by the age of 20, if that is the case, what would you tell or do with your child. He is horrified by what is going on and I feel a bit helpless to say the least. I've went to all the specialists/hospitals etc. and they all don't have a clue. It has taken me 9 years to watch this unfold. It strikes 1/40,000. There needs to be more awareness and early detection for children who are at risk because if you don't go broke and aren't homeless or can still type, consider, yourself and family lucky. Wish us luck!!!

Posted by: Jeff at November 17, 2006 10:28 PM


Im Joaan from malaysia,I have a boyfriend who is a civil engineer that I love very much.We have been going out for a year,he is a very nice man, he was a gentle man with many good qualities, because he was a family oriented man and cares about me a lot. Everything went quite well except for sometimes that I feel insecure of him because he dont let me know where he stay for around untill five months later, because I argue with him about this matter, he invited me to his home in puchong without his family in. he was also afraid that his family know of my existence,I felt very humilated because of this.it disturbs me alot because he looks at women too frequently.It added up to my suspicioun when he plan trips for himself to China and indonesia etc trips himself alone.I tried to relate to him that I had fear he was hiding something from me and I felt insecure which is normal in relationships if the other partner is acting in this way. I wanted this relationship to work out and give each other chances but he dosent seem to understand my plight.There was once I went out with him and his friend to momo cafe and the whole night he was talking to a waitress that his friend knew and neglected me the whole night, when I went back that night I couldnt sleep well because I knew that he realise I was quite frustrated but he just treated as if nothing happened ...after a week he told me he will be going to china for a business trip with his brother and a friend ,I was very depressed because I dont even have a chance to send him to the airport and it was unfair for me to take this kind of treatment but he explained to me that his brother would be there, that is why I couldnt go with him to the airport..every women will feel that he might be doing things behind my back in this kind of situation,the night he went to China, I lied in my bed and cried alone in my room untill dawn, I didnt have anybody to talk to and was very distressed,therefore I sent an sms to him to tell him that we were over and that he need not come and see me anymore because at that point of time I felt that he was only thinking about himself and never thought about how I felt. He came back earlier then expected and looked for me, assuring that he was faithful to me and that he will compromise with me , so I accepted and continued to love him more,he showered me a lot of love and I also sacrificed a lot of my time and and own perceptions for him because I beleived that if we love somebody and want to make him happy, sacrificing is one of the elements that we should be obliged to do it for them,I really hoped that he realise how much I loved him and hoped he will appreciate it one day. Even so , he was always very secretive and going back to his hometown on weekends himself when it was actually time for lovers to be together,when other people are spending quality time with their partners, I was left alone in my home feeling blue, sometimes I go out to shopping malls to have dinner alone...but still I wanted to be there if he needed me, because I loved him alot...but it made me sad when he refused to bring me to important functions lie weddings and charity theatre,I was always left alone to be by myself, there was once I recalled that we were together on a saturday,he came to see me at my home,I thought we would maybe have lunch and see a movie together but he left me alone to go for a theatre.his action hurt me alot because people will only do this type of things if they were not serious with their girlfriends. I still recalled many times I cried myself to sleep without him knowing, hoping that he one day he would change and everything would be fine. my boyfriend brought me to A famosa resort to celebrate my recent birthday, he bought a nice cake and gave me a present though I felt that he could do better for the present but it was alright, the most important is he is by my side, we stayed overnight at the resort, I was very happy, in fact what I hoped was just very simple things in life, which was that my partner would love me in a way I felt being respected and that he would include me in his future.By the way our relationship was in this state where everbody was saying that he isnt worth to have my love,and that I do not need to suspend myself from social activites, change my cellphone number to stop guys from calling and change my way of dressing if he does not appriciate me,but I just felt something was not right,when he told me he was hearing things and that he had supernatural powers,he told me that he could stop the rain and heal the mentally disabled children. I did not know much about mental illness but I researched online for more information and did a schizophrenia test for him and the results were positive. He had positive symptoms.Therefore I knew that I would not leave him and would try my best to be by him. There were many times that he hurt me mentally, I got frustrated but when I cooled down I would let our relationship continue, he brought me to singapore once,and neglected me for his sister.but I forgive him for that.Things became bad during his birthday, I purposely enrolled a baking class and made a mango cake for him.Then I bought a pair of little diamond ring with our initials engraved on it,even though to him, it did not seem to cost that much but I was still studying and was not financially stable and it cost a lot to me. I put a lot of effort on his birthday and him wearing the ring meant a lot to me. But he put the ring away and refused to wear it.IT was too hard to take , I ran away...when I cooled down, I decided to relate his illness to him and he pushed me away, but he actually admitted that he might have this illness and unwilling to seek therepy. He decided to break of because I ran away when I saw he wasnt wearing the ring. I was having mixed feelings, I loved him but I was afraid of the hurt he cause. I did not want to pick up his phone, he wanted to speak to me, I told him, needed time because I still love him. He said he still love me and wanted to bring me out for an outing since had seldom done that for me, so I went out but it turned out to be a disaster because he was lavishing money on two vietnam women on hotel rooms, dinner and trips for them,and he told me his main intention was not to make me happy but was just to prove to me there was nothing between him and the girls. He was quite financially stable but he is a thrifty man towards me and his guyfriends. But he spends on his own family, himself and his own home. Actually, he had never bought a gift for me which I really like and he told me he will never..because he accused me of asking him to buy diamonds which I never did. I dont mind all his thriftyness towards me ,but when I knew that he was spending on other women,I know he mistreated me all the while.I now have stress phobia disorder because of him, I went through my illness without him by my side to support me like how I did for him, He told me he left me because Im not a happy girl. I know I shouldnt be angry because he has an illness, but I personally feel that if he knows he has this illness, he has a resposibility to heal himself in order to treat me better, and not let me become into this situation and left me handle my illness alone. Luckily for me my church members,my mum and friends and my relationship with God made me go through this horible stage,,I m almost back to normal. Whatever situations, my boyfriend held a big responsbility to my illness because he did not want to cure himself and continue to put a devastating hurt on me to run away.

Posted by: JOAAN YU at February 10, 2007 05:24 AM

i dont know if im suffering from schizoprenia, but my head is about a month continously aching. then, one day ive realized that i sometimes want to do bad things that's against my will. things that can harm people. also sometimes i felt that what a person is saying whenever i hear it, it repeatedly echoed in my head. Please help me, i don't want to do something that i against my will i dont want to be bad and hurt my loveone's someday. i don't want o be a burdened to my family, especially we cannot afford expensive medications on this psychological problems. all im trying to do to avoid this, is to pray to GOD. please help me to survive from this kind of dillema.

Posted by: lea c. at March 18, 2007 07:58 PM

About a week ago my boyfriend and the father of my son suddenly started to accuse me of cheating on him. He told his whole family and has even tried to convince me that I did. I love this man with all my heart, at first I thought he was just saying that because maybe he was doing something. Later this week he has been making up stories about talking to his friends. I told him that he needed to see a doctor because he is making up stories. He thinks the whole world is against him and thinks that I'm going to call the police and take him to court. His family and I are scared for him so we took him to a clinic. He has been calling me still accusing me of being with someone else. This is really stressing me out because I know he believes it. He doesn't think that there is nothing wrong with him, because the clinic told him they only found weed in his system. I am scared. Does it get better? Will he realize that I love him and that I have been 100% honest with him? Or will he be dependent on medications and still believe everyone is against him? He also stated that he wanted to kill himself. I need help I love him and we always talk about getting married. I have no one else but him in my life. Now we are going through this.

Posted by: Jovan at April 4, 2007 07:22 AM

I thought it was just me until I read what lea wrote. I have that too, I usually want to do good for the people around me and make them happy but somedays its like theres somone else inside me that just wants to harm people, and the thing is its getting worse.Thers been days where ive really felt like killing people for no reasone-I went out at night once and took a knife with me hoping somomething would happen to me just for an excuse to kill somone. I feel like im turning more and more into that other self, and I dont want to be evil im shit scared of what i could do to somone one day. Can anyone tell me why im like this, or what I should do?

Posted by: miaka at April 18, 2007 06:18 AM

hi my name is nicole, for the last couple of months l've been hearing voices and they r telling me to do silly things like killing people and how l'm epposed to kill them, also they tell me how to kill myself. I'm scare, but my friends reckon l might have schizophrenia.

Posted by: Nicole at April 21, 2007 07:35 AM

Who is answering all these calls for help on this blog page?

Posted by: Phil at April 24, 2007 10:58 PM

I don't think anyone is.. I wish they would

Posted by: miaka at April 26, 2007 08:35 AM

Hello, my sister in law has just been diagnosed with schizophrenia and she is in the hospital. where she attempted to kill her self and saved by her husband and she had this problem for more than 11 years now but it was not as bad as when she had her kids. Latly it was very bad and worse and everybody used to tell her to see a doctor where she saw one doctor 3 years ago but she never took the medicine she kept on saying she is just fine. Now she kept on refusing to see a professional. Please let me know if anyone who get suspecious on their loved ones that they are sick with this disease can they be forced to see a doctor.

Posted by: lina atazai at June 6, 2007 06:36 PM

Please I need help before its too late!!!! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO OR WHO TO TURN TO,. My daughters 18 almost 19 and she does meth. she hears voices and threatens me all the time. I feel as if I caused all this sience I had a drug problem too. but I pulled out of mine and I cant stand to watch her like this any longer, shes gonna die or kill someone today all day long she would read words backwards or just say them out loud. she didint even care who was there.. I am getting really sacred for her.. please someone tell me what I can do! please!!!!!!

Posted by: sally at July 6, 2007 01:33 AM

My wife has a Paranoia Schziophinia. This happen at the age of 44. Is this possible or she may have some sign in the early stage.
Now, my son who is 14 years old is very quiet. He hardly socialist with anybody or even speak with anybody much. When his friends calls him then he goes out to play with them. He will only reply to the question you ask. Now, my family members are concerned and they have asked me to take his to the pschytric to get evaluted. Do you think I should take this done or MRI?

Posted by: Amit at August 26, 2007 12:29 PM

My mother suffers from Paranoiad Schziophinia, but the hardest part is to convinence her and ask her to take medicines. Any tips regarding this.

Posted by: Daniel at September 3, 2007 10:42 PM

Hi my husband has been dx w/schitzoaffective disorder for 8 years. I took him to a psychologist and he finally stopped attepting suicide.
But now he is completely paranoid and accuses me of cheating on him because I went for a walk with a friend.Absolutely ludicrous ideas. I have been faithful and supportive and am tired of the harrassment. I am 9 months pregnant and he doesn't let me sleep. He threatens divorce and accuses me of always sleeping with his friends and calls me a whore in front of our kids/ I have to not do this anymore. He has lost his mind. He is a bad alchoholic. I don't know why I keep loving him but I do. He is such a great man when not in psychosis and sober. God is ultimately in control but man life on earth blows. I m so tired. I have no control pleae help.

Posted by: Julie at October 6, 2007 04:28 AM

HELP....I have been having Panic attacks since 1990. Since this point in time in my life its been like Hell.. I was in treatment for 6 weeks.But this feeling of something is going to happen to me or to someone i love is a day after day thing, it never goes away.I know something is wrong with me.. I never enjoy nothing anymore sex, I don't have any friends my family really don't understand.My work I have a hard time getting alone with people, I have had so many jobs. I think some out to get me. or ite always something. I take Zoloft 100mg. I really don't know if it works or not. I really need some one to talk with that may help me.

Posted by: linda at November 4, 2007 12:32 AM

schizophrenia is definately a genetic disorder that can be triggered by the abuse of certain drugs. I have two brothers with the disease amd my 17 year old daughter is showing signs of early onset. It is a mind crippling disease with no real cure, only medication to take the edge off. I you feel as though you may be affected get yourself to a Dr. and ask for an MRI or a C.A.P. test. Once your affliction is full force you may be to late for any help..

Posted by: ceci at January 27, 2008 03:52 AM

im a sister of a young man 25 that has this illnes, what a battle it is..........for all of us but most of all him.he has shown such strength for a long time with little repreve from the voices, the anger,the frustrations and the fact that he has lost the real him forever. he is my hero..........

Posted by: caz at February 18, 2008 01:55 AM

I have schizophrenia i was diagnosis of it. Because I started hear the voice after a fall off a laddler at my work. I hear voices and depression too. Working is hard to do to concrete. I am still on my pills lilly they do work. I do get mood swing too. I am trying to igorn the negitives voices sometimes I feeling going nuts to. lisa beck -canada

Posted by: lisa at March 9, 2008 04:12 PM

I believe I used to have schizophrenia myself. I had these voices talking to me telling me to commit suicide or go to school and bash my best friends head into the locker until she bled to death. Needless to say that scared me very much. That wasn't even the half of it though. My best friend stayed with me all of my 7th grade summer because apparently I would go through these stages where I would be doing something, do a complete mood swing, sometimes ignore everything around me, and head straight to the ocean, pool, or bathroom and talk about how the water was calling me to it. I never went to seek help though and the voices have went away and as far as I know of I am aware of all my actions now. I still talk to myself (pretty sure everyone does lol) and I have mood swings ALL the time... my teachers make me have talks with them about why I get straight A's and then end up failing the classes the next week. I just get unmotivated though like every other teenager. I now believe if I have anything it's just depression or something like that since it runs in the family. So if I really had schizophrenia (I'm not sure since I never let anyone take me to the doctor).. it is curable without medication.

Posted by: Steph at March 11, 2008 03:31 PM

I appreciate that this site is run by volunteers but HEY---if no comment is given to all those writing in with dire situations, can't you at least have some boilerplate that directsmthem to actual resources???

Posted by: steff at May 4, 2008 10:28 PM

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