April 08, 2004

Infinite Mind Recording

Personal Stories of Managing Schizophrenia - A very good audio recording of four people's stories of their successes in fighting schizophrenia.


In this special presentation called Four Lives, we feature the stories of people dealing with mental illness today, whose extraordinary lives and work offer hope and inspiration to all of us. Joining us on the program are Texas State Representative Garnet Coleman, a champion of healthcare reform and mental health issues who also has manic-depressive illness; Meera Popkin, a professional musical theatre actress who has appeared on Broadway and in London's West End, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia; and twin sisters Pam and Carolyn Spiro, who have written a book about Pam's struggle with schizoaffective disorder and how that has affected their relationship. Carolyn herself is a psychiatrist.


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