May 12, 2004

Cellular Cause of Schizophrenia

Cellular Cause Identified in Schizophrenia

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have reported an important cellular discovery in the cause of schizophrenia.

In at least 10 populations around the world, a significant association between schizophrenia and the gene for dysbindin has been noted, making dysbindin the most highly replicated schizophrenia-associated gene described to date.

This research highlights the fact that there are a number pathways to the development of schizophrenia - both genetic and environmental. Increasingly this research suggests that a significant percentage of schizophrenia cases can be prevented by greater care and awareness of the risks during pregnancy and ultimately by identification of genetic risk factors that can be countered through early treatment and avoidance of further environmental factors (such as street drugs) that trigger the disease.


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