August 05, 2004

Brain Disease Film Wins NAMI Award

The documentary film "People Say I'm Crazy" won the NAMI Outstanding Media Award for best television documentary of 2004. It will be aired on Cinemax at 7pm, August 18. Director John Cadigan, diagnosed with schizophrenia, and producers Katie Cadigan and Ira Wohl jointly accept the honor.

The video-diary talks about director Cadigan's own experiences with schizophrenia, from the onset during his college years to the present day. According to NAMI, it is the first major film directed by someone with schizophrenia.

"People Say I'm Crazy is an extremely important and moving film," said NAMI national board president Margaret Stout. "It will touch millions of people, welcoming them into the mind of a talented artist with a severe mental illness and the love of a family who have stood by him."

The NAMI media awards recognize works that raise awareness, tolerance, and compassion for mental illness issues.

To read the article, see "Cinemax Reel Life 'People Say I'm Crazy' Wins NAMI Award" (Aug 4, 2004), available at

To visit John Cadigan's website, which has information about his illness, his film, and his artwork, please see

Listen to an interview with John and Katie Cadigan about the documentary, aired on WNYC radio (April 26, 2004).


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