September 17, 2004

Women May Need Different Med Doses

According to an article in the American Journal of Psychiatry (2004:161:1324-1333), women may need different doses of antipsychotic medications than men. Although current prescription guidelines do not distinguish between males and females, this article points out that drug metabolism in general can vary based on gender. Morevoer, the normal fat ratio of women's bodies can affect how drugs are distributed to different organs.

With schizophrenia in particular, previous research has indicated a difference in the general disease course between men and women.

The article argues that due to these factors, women may need lower doses than men, particularly during pregnancy. The authors urge healthcare providers to pay special consideration to the dosing requirements of their female patients.

For the abstract, please see "Women need different dosing of antipsychotics", Sept 2004. (available at

Read a Johns Hopkins Medical School article about Why Schizophrenia Hits Men Harder (2000). Available at


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