January 19, 2005

Mental Health High Priority for EU

At the World Health Organization Conference on Mental Health in Helsinki (opened Jan 18, 2005), the European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection called mental illness an "unseen killer" in Europe. Statistics showing the high number of suicides in the EU (around 58,000 annually, as compared with about 50,700 from motor vehicle accidents and 5,350 from murder or homicide), led Comissioner Markos Kyprianou to say that "mental illness is just as deadly as physical illnesses like cancer," and call upon the EU to place a weightier priority on a comprehensive Mental Health program for Europe.

As part of the EU Public Health Programme 2003-2008, some projects will address the causes of mental illness, as well as effective interventions. Results from these projects and statements from the Helsinki and other conferences will be used to design an official EU Strategy on Mental Health. Consultations on the Strategy will hopefully begin around mid-2005.

For the full story, see: " 'Mental Illness is Europe's unseen killer' says Markos Kyprianou' " (Jan 18, 2005). Available at http://www.eurofounding.com.


I glad to see many projects being set on issues concerning Mental Health and its consequences upon EU. One point which calls my attention to is the enlagement of the EU and the health professional's multi-cultural attitude towards the 'new'. I am researching on this topic at the moment and if somehow you can help me with ideas I would be grateful as well as pleased in offering my help in outcoming projects.

Posted by: Fabio Miatov at May 31, 2005 03:13 PM

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