February 09, 2005

Web Guide for Ped Antidepressants

Several medical and consumer organizations, among them the American Psychiatric Association and Suicide Prevention Action Network, have collaborated to advance a new website. ParentsMedGuide.org is meant to help parents of children with depression make informed and educated decisions about medications in the wake of numerous warnings about SSRI safety.

The site is designed in an easy-to-follow question and answer format, addressing concerns about antidepressants, the meaning of the FDA blackbox warning, and questions about treatment with and without medication.

This is an excellent advance over what parents previously had to do - that is, search through a jumble of FDA online literature and translate statements written in some form of legal-ese. Hopefully it will prove helfpul to those looking for information during difficult times.

View the site at http://parentsmedguide.org/


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