March 24, 2005

Schizophrenia Bloggers

Here are some substantive stories from bloggers around the Internet, related to schizophrenia:

Study Ties Loss of a Child to Mental Ills

The death of a child not only alters a family forever but also sharply increases the risk that parents will later be hospitalized for a mental illness, researchers are reporting in the largest study to date of parent bereavement and mental health.

The risk is greatest during the first year after the child's death but remains elevated even five years afterward, the researchers found, and includes higher rates of schizophrenia, depression and abuse of drugs and alcohol.

The overall rate of psychiatric hospitalization among bereaved parents in the study was less than 3 percent over five years, but, experts noted, doctors do not usually admit patients for mental illness unless their condition is urgent.

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Health promotion in schizophrenia - research is of poor quality

People with schizophrenia have much poorer health than the rest of the population, with levels of mortality 59% higher than in normal people. A new study in the Journal of Advanced Nursing looks at the research done into health promotion among this group of people. The study found smoking cessation, weight management and exercise initiatives were all helpful but criticised the quality of research carried out into their effectiveness.

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