April 10, 2005

Book: 50 Signs of Mental Illness

Yale University Press has published a new book titled "50 Signs of Mental Illness"

We haven't reviewed the book yet - but the publisher's press release suggests that it could be relevant for many of our visitors.

Subtitled "A User-Friendly Guide to Psychiatric Symptoms and What You Should Know About Them," this book may show you that you know even less than you thought you did about mental illness and cause you to look at others -- and yourself -- in a different light.

Author James Whitney Hicks, director of a New York forensic psychiatric center and an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at New York University, has delivered a smart, alphabetically arranged layperson's guide to common symptoms ranging from anxiety to deceitfulness that may be either personal quirks or signs of psychosis. Under the 50 symptom headings, Hicks differentiates relatively normal behaviors from those requiring medical attention.

The volume presents fifty signs that may--or may not--signal mental illness. Arranged alphabetically, the signs include everything from anger to sexual preoccupations, from cravings to obsessions. Dr. James W. Hicks, a highly regarded psychiatrist with extensive clinical experience, begins each topic with a vignette to illustrate the symptom. He explains how a specific sign can be caused by several different illnesses and may even be a normal response to stress. And he outlines available treatments as well as strategies for coping with each symptom.

Nearly one in three individuals experiences psychiatric symptoms each year. This book clarifies the significance of such signs and guides its readers toward appropriate treatment choices. It is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking a more informed perspective on mental illness.

Fifty Signs discusses these and more:

antisocial behavior – anxiety – appetite disturbances – compulsions – deceitfulness – delusions – denial – depression – euphoria – fatigue – flashbacks – grief – hallucinations – identity confusion – intoxication – jealousy – mania – memory loss – mood swings –nonsensical speech – obsessions – panic – paranoia – self-mutilation – sexual preoccupations – sleep problems – sloppiness – suicidal thoughts

James Whitney Hicks, M.D., is director of clinical services at the Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center in New York City. He is also assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at New York University.

Publisher: Yale University Press
Retail price: $27.95

The Book is Available for Purchase here: 50 Signs of Mental Illness


my name is hemin am live at kurdistan region at sulaimany city ..
please tell me , what is adiscribe to one that have schizophrenia
am afraid that have schizo.,because am can not spaek at people ,or in my family,
please tell me about that..
thank you.

Posted by: hemin at August 28, 2005 12:39 AM

please send me more info. on paranoid schizo.signs& symptoms.i believe that my brother was wrongfully diagnosed with this disease and he's always sedated& also ect was suggested.taht is very sad and he's only 38 yrs. of age no children. he has no family in n.y.city

Posted by: cassandra hester at November 26, 2005 09:57 AM

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