April 27, 2005

Australia studies recruiting subjects

The following classified ad calling for participants in schizophrenia research appeared in the April 27 edition of the Australian publication "The Border Mail"

Help mental health studies

MELBOURNE Neuropsychiatry Centre at Sunshine hospital is looking for participants in mental illness and genetics research.

There are two studies:

1. The Molecular Genetics of Schizophrenia Study people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder are invited to take part in an interview about their experiences and provide a blood sample so that the role of genes in mental illness can be investigated and,

2. The Australian Study of Twins and Psychosis twins where one or both have experienced psychosis (eg, bipolar, schizophrenia) are invited to take part in a range of research activities so that the role of genes and environmental factors in developing psychosis can be investigated.

All information is confidential and transport can be provided.

For more information, contact Lauren Hoiles on (03) 8345 0583, Lauren.hoiles@wh.org.au or Karen Shaw on (03) 8345 1218, Karen.shaw@wh.org.au


clinical researcher,

University of Melbourne


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