May 03, 2005

Treating Mental Illness Cuts Costs

An editorial in the Virginia Roanoke Times acknowledged the efforts of those who participated in a weekend fundraiser for community mental health programs, and made the important but oft-overlooked point that the best way to economize mental health is to treat it.

For example, the article notes that emergency room use by uninsured people with mental health crises is costing the region about $1 million per year. This is not even considering the indirect costs accrued from loss in productivity, increased burden on public health and criminal services, increased unemployment rolls, and crowding of jails by people with untreated mental illnesses.

However, as funding for community treatment services is usually below officially-mandated levels (according to the article), it is becoming even more important for citizens to not only advocate for greater funding, but to also contribute their time and energy to fundraisers for mental health services.

A great way to do this during the next two months is to get involved with a NAMI Walk. They are taking place in 38 U.S. States. Visit the NAMI website ( for location and registration information.

Source: "How to economize on mental illness: Treat it." The Roanoke Times, May 1 2005. (


Hello! I found this medication online it might be of good
I enjoyed having a picnic in the park with the group it was nice, and fun. Hope others can do this too! God bless!!!

Posted by: mAXINE at August 19, 2005 12:01 PM

Please contact me regarding some important information that needs to be addressed. I am starting to lobbly my local and state elected officials to include the lack of proper funding and oversight that currently exists in the mental health community. This also includes the serious disconnect between the mental health and Judicial system. There are currently several hundred or thousand (professionally diagnosed) individuals who have not received the necessary or required medical care that they deserve as Human Beings and American Citizens. This improper treatment of family members must not continue. It will surley affect someone we all know as did the pandemic of the AIDS virus.

Thanks in advance and look forward in receiving future coorespondence.

Anthony C. McGill
(Family Member of Bi-Polar Disorder)

Posted by: Anthony McGill at December 4, 2006 11:24 PM

hello, i'm looking for any advice and suggestions for my brother who suffers from mental illness. i need to find a permanent type of residence for him - a group facility or something like that. any suggestions would be appreciated. thank you, travis

Posted by: travis moore at May 1, 2007 02:53 PM

My family member has been in and out of the hospital 4 times.I want to help but its hard when denial is involved.Im looking for a healthy way to deal with Bipolar.When he gets out this time i dont think he has anywhere to go. He wont sign papers for medical assistance.What should i do?

Posted by: Alex M. at August 24, 2007 10:12 AM

Hello, i have a boyfrienf that has bipolar disorder. he has not been taking his medicatons for about 7 months. he denies his illness amd gets very religious and if i want him to get heal ' I just have to believe in God and God will heal him. I dont know whether to set him lose or keep yrying to help him. I am also 6 months Pregnant and this months have been ups and downs for both of us and my 3 other children. He thinks I do things that will make him mad so he can leave and is extrmely jealouse of me aswell. I do not know what to do .....Please help me .....give me some Ideas on what can I do for both of us to make it work for our family ? ? ?

Posted by: Veronica Nila at October 12, 2007 01:31 PM

I am looking for help in the Stuart Flordia area to assist my son who is dealing with his wife with bi-polar.My daughter -in law had a sever crisis two years ago and has been on 3 meds since and has been fine. Two weeks ago she started acting like she did when she went of her meds befor but she IS taking them and still she is getting worse. Her "pill" doctor just upped her meds and she is calmer but still not able to keep thoughts together.I suggested a blood teat to determine if her body is even motabolizing correctly but they dont feel they have the money for this test.Please help us. The NAMI site did not c9me up so wonder what to do to see what is available in that area.

Posted by: Linda J Farlow at December 14, 2007 09:12 AM

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