May 10, 2005

Los Angeles Schizophrenia Story - Juilliard Musician Becomes Homeless

Excellent Advocacy/Personal Stories on Homelessness and Schizophrenia

During the past month LA Times Columnist Steve Lopez has had three excellent stories about a homeless man (Nathaniel Anthony Ayers) who had attended Ohio University and Ohio State University, and then went to Juilliard (the famous music school in New York) for two years in the early '70s.

He developed schizophrenia many years ago and now lives in the streets of Los Angeles. The stories demonstrate the challenges and successes working with people who have schizophrenia, in a touchingly accurate column. The world needs more stories like this! Following are the three stories - in the sequential order that they were written.

Violinist Has the World on 2 Strings(April 17, 2005)
Nathaniel was shy in our first encounter a few months ago, if not a little wary. He took a step back when I approached to say I liked the way his violin music turned the clatter around downtown L.A.'s Pershing Square into an urban symphony.

Grace Notes of Caring in a Cold World (April 27, 2005)
The quality of the instruments is improving these days for Nathaniel Anthony Ayers, the downtown Los Angeles street violinist who until recently was playing a beat-up fiddle with two strings missing.

For Full Story: CLICK HERE

A Cello Backdrop for Voices Inside (May 8, 2005)
When I saw Nathaniel Anthony Ayers back in his usual location, I had to ask: How could he stand playing a crummy violin when he had a brand new cello waiting for him several blocks away?

For Full Story: CLICK HERE

To listen to an NPR story on Nathaniel Ayers - see this link.


Mr Ayers,
You're an inspiration, I have so much admiration and respect for him its just awesome.


Posted by: grinspoon at May 16, 2005 04:41 AM

I am Nathaniel's sister. I just want to thank “grinspoon” for the kind words. Nathaniel has family who loves him dearly and we want him to be safe and cared for. All the stories are fantastic but share only one side of who Nathaniel is now. This for sure is important. I don't know why he insists on living on the streets, but I believe it is because our mother past away and she was certainly his refuge, no matter what. When she died he just seemed to not want to be bothered with any one! I do really appreciate all the kindness and how people have reached out to my brother and even how the stories have made a difference, so much so that the politicians are rethinking how they treat the homeless and mentally ill. That is wonderful and I hope they will see that something has to be done and the need for restructuring the system as it stands. I love my brother very much and thanks to Mr. Steve Lopez the LA Times reporter, I am able to speak with my brother more regularly. Thank you - to all of you who care, may God bless you.

Posted by: Jennifer at December 2, 2005 12:53 PM

I am looking for a professional doctor in San Diego, CA or Mississippi whom I can consult with about schizophrenia

Posted by: dtc at May 30, 2006 01:19 PM

this story touched my heart. My love and support goes out to his family. It is hard to love some whose illness causes them to be someone different. I am hopeful that he continues to take his medication and remains safe and in communication with his family who I know loves him very much.

Posted by: Vickie at August 17, 2007 03:42 PM



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