May 22, 2005

Stem Cell Breakthrough

Scientists in South Korea recently achieved a significant breakthrough in the quickly developing field of stem cell research. Using somatic cell nuclear transfer techniques (transferring the complete DNA of an adult into the emptied-out donated egg of an unrelated woman, thus creating a "stem cell"), the scientists were able to successfully create stem cell lines using the DNA of chronically ill or injured patients. This is the first time that patient-specific stem cell lines have been engineered, and thus it represents a huge step forward towards the eventual use of stem cells for treating degenerative diseases. A stem cell line that is genetically identical to the patient's own DNA greatly reduces the chance that the body will reject the new cells. Moreover, stem cell lines with the DNA of people with such diseases will be an invaluable research tool for scientists still struggling to understand exactly how these diseases arise and affect the body.

The article reports that: "eventually, scientists hope to use embryonic stem cells to find new ways to diagnose and treat such mysterious ailments as autism and schizophrenia."

Source: San Francisco Chronicle ( "Major advance in stem cell research; Controversial step in regenerative medicine reported" (May 20, 2005).

Read more about stem cell research, and the possibilities for future stem cell therapy for schizophrenia at


I want to thank scientists al aroun the world for trying to find a cure for all menthal illnesses. I suffer from schizophrenia , and i recently turned 22 years old. I believe in science , and i believe in a cure. Whit a conjugation of things like stem cells reserch , proteins research , gene manipulation research, gene theraphy research , and many other reserches that are being made i believe we are going to get there. I just read the other day in a newspaper that scientis had found a way to stop alzheimeir whit a protein , and whit that same protein , they would be able to prevent in the future that people would get it. I read it too that they have disvored a protein that regenerate the neurons in parkinson's disease , and that will make new neuro-regenerative treatmeants. So , i believe that we will someday hear the good news that mixing this treatmeant whit that one , and the other one , schizophrenia will be cured and we will be as good as new :)
E.E. from Portugal

Posted by: E. E at August 25, 2007 12:32 PM

I cann't agree more. The stem cel is the greatest finding in the world.

Posted by: lory at December 5, 2007 05:35 PM

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