June 05, 2005

Loved Ones With Schizophrenia

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This is a new story that gives advice on how to care for a loved one with schizophrenia. Along with pointing out the difficulties families endure when a loved one is diagnosed with schizophrenia, this story discusses what people close to the diagnosed can do to help. For example, this story addresses issues such as signs of schizophrenia: The most obvious ones - often called postive symptoms - "include hallucinations, hearing things that aren't there, seeing things, feeling, smelling, tasting, something that's perceived through the senses that isn't there.Big clues include if the person just stops eating from things that they don't open themselves (such as milk containers), or if they talk about somebody trying to poison them." It also addresses topics like treating schizophrenia by including a discussion on both the improvement in treatment and the side effects of newer drugs such as olanzapine - which seems to cause "some people to gain weight and increase their glucose." Despite the advice given on these relevant areas, perhaps the most important advice the author gives to the readers is "to be positive."

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This story was written by Eric Sabo and provided by Healthology.


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