June 09, 2005

J&J - Paliperidone - New Drug in Development

While we've covered this previously, in a recent announcement Johnson & Johnson, developers of Risperdal (risperidone) expects to have 10-13 new drug applications (NDAs) cleared by the FDA by the year 2007 - and progress is continuing on the new drug in development called "Paliperidone".

The company stated that among new products which J&J plans to release is the new drug called paliperidone, an extended-release antipsychotic that could become a replacement for Risperdal (which is facing competition from other, newer, branded drugs coming onto the market).

For more information on this new drug in current clinical trials, and information on how you might participate in the clinical trial, as well as information on other new drugs in development, see:

New Schizophrenia Medications in Development

Paliperidone Information and Clinical Trial



when you release the new drug paliperidone; hope you will show more intellectual honesty towards third world countries by giving full information about eficacy and side effects of the molecule.

Posted by: captainjohann at June 18, 2005 05:03 PM

I don´t release the drug paliperidone, but I´d like to have some information of this drug. I´m a student of pharmacy and I have to write an essay about this drug. This essay have to include the pharmacokinetic of this drug. Is it possible to write me some details?And what is the advantage as against Risperidone.I would be very thankful if you give some informations.

Kathrin Middel

E-mail: kmiddel@web.de

Posted by: middel at August 31, 2005 02:36 AM

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